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It's weekend! time to off to bed all day long~

When it's coming to holiday, I just realize that leisure time is sure important in life. Well

ut's not like I'm kinda workaholic or something but I used to think that all my whole day

before I got a job was holiday for nothing.

You know, I'm just graduate my bachelor degree on May 2012. Right when my bloody favorable

band from Japan L'Arc En Ciel held their first concert in Jakarta on their World tour concert

schedule. Wonderful I graduated on that day ^^. After the graduation, I was totally

unemployed girl who don't know what to do next. Well I do have dreams, having personal brand

is one of them but it doesn't mean it's easy to be achieved right? I have to pass many roads

to get them all. I attended so many jobfairs, applied so many job applications. I flied into

interviews to interviews and I still didn't get any enlightment. On my doing nothing day, I

was not doing anything but going somewhere around Jakarta. I just dind't want to just stay on

my room. I had alot leisure time and it stressed me alot. I just couldn't do anything while I

can't stand to think about my parents who still have to feed me till that time. I was kinda

depressed. The only thing help me is my faith that I have dream to achieve, I just have to

keep going on. I'll keep my will on my dream on fashion and others. No reason to give up

right? I live not for my very own self. I live for my self, my family, and my beloved.

After 3 months unemployed, I am accepted on PT Mandom Tbk, the Japanese company which field

is cosmetics. You know, my days becomes so hectic so suddenly haha. Although it's tiring but

I love it. I think that I can do soething, I can learn somethingh, and I have no useless

things to do and to think.

Now, holiday is soo much valuable and all holidays I have is worthed! Enjoy your holiday!

PS : I even didn't post my creation ahahaha, I'll post my style on these holiday later, just wait!

Ijou desuuuu~! >3<

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