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Can't you belive that I've opened this blog some years ago and then I rebuild it. So let's say this is my second experience in blogging. I ever blogged once in my high school period. It seems I passed my labil period unnormally XD.

It's my second in blogging world but my very first time in writing in fashion. I just love fashion very much. It started in my junior high school period. I love to draw especially in Manga (Japanese comic) style, because I'm such a Japan freaks. When I started to like drawing, I always want to make more details, more stunning in its clothes. I wasn't really in to with its face whether its pretty or not. Its clothes was more important for me.

In my senior high period, I started to draw any whatever clothing style burst out in my head.
Of course still my Manga style with undescribable face. I still draw my sketch in Manga style XD. I'm not pro sorry.

Now, I'm working in one branch of largest Japan cosmetic company in Jakarta. As FYI I'm International relation bachelor and I have passion in fashion ahahaha I know, I know what come out in your head ^^

Well I still have these dream as my aim, so I think it should be better to start it in blog. I have more interest in street fashion for youngster instead branded one and I love autumn in all season. so I like the autumn street style^^. Since I have no enough money to buy any brands and cool clothing line which is I adore so much (I love stardivarius brand, Rei kawakubo, vivianne westwood, all the designers that not showing the glamours but street reachable style) so I tend to buy the cloth and re-create the details in my ownway. It will not take your money a lot, trust me.

Along this blog, I want to deliver my passion and my own sense in fashion to you who love fashion as well. I'm not pro, I'm an amateur who love fashion and have been dreaming on it as well as you all. Along this blog I also open to share my ideas to you if you'd like me to do. You just could request to me, It will not take your money a lot, trust me. I'd appreaciately to share and give you a hand.
All you have to do is to value my achievements whether it's good or not, I accept critiques openly^^.

Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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