80s Disco Night Party


Hello readers, past week I along with my workmates celebrated (I don't think it was a celebrate actually ^^;) a farewell party of my Japanese senior director. He had to back to Japan and actually yesterday (last Friday) was his last day in office.
I only know him about months, but as a old man he is sooo cool, talkless but still he is a gentleman^^ compared with others Japanese young and middle-aged guy in  my office. Well, I'm not going to talk about him actually, what I want to talk is about his farewell party.

It's kind of tradition in my office that every events has different dress code. At this moment, the dress code was Disco 80's. Yes, DISCO 80'S LADIES & GENTLEMEN!!!!! Since, I didn't really know what kind of disco 80's fashion like (I'm not living at that Era, HONESTLY! I'm still young *crossedfinger*  ahahahaha). Well in my short mind, it was kind of Neon color, curly hair, etc.  So I searched some references to get some ideas and I found some interesting reference.

Here my summary :
1. Dress or shirt/blouse with big shoulder pad (sabrina shoulder).
2. Shiny,Neon, and colorful cloth.
3. Full of accessories
4. Curly or frizzy hair

5. I'm curious, were they really go with the gymnastic outfit????


But I personally love this style XD

So....the DAY came! Lets party GO! GO!

Where am I? Guess~~~~Guess~~~ guess~~
I'm wearing the my old denim jacket with colorful sparkling on it. Long pink tank top and light yellow animal print tight. I love details, I love to see the clothing that decorated with details. So it just came to mind that I was getting bored with this plain denim jacket, so I added some colorful sparkling in front and the back
I can't post the back side, it's my cellphone camera T^T but the details are also on the back side.
Denim Jacket : Romp
Jacket details : Akidoori creation
Tank top : unbranded
Red scraf : Naught Accessories store
Bracelet and necklace set : My sister's
Tight : my sister's (I don't know where she bought it ^^;)
Pink kanvas : Unbranded. I thought it's china's brand, because I bought it from Batam Island.

Thanks for reading or not.

And all of you. 


(Aulia, Akidoori)

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    1. sure, I'd love to, *flytogiveaway* hahaha
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  2. OMG 80s party!! always wanted to have one but.... still haven't got into 1 >< u should've invited me.. /eh ^^

    1. sure! I'll let you know ahahaha
      Btw, I'vw followed you, please follow me back if you don't mind ^^

  3. kakk mochiii klo pke apa aja lucuu yaahh.. ^^b

  4. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  5. ahahah so cool!!great post! i'm now following you!

    come back to my blog soon!




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