Old City Kota Tua

Good Evening~!

YAY! lucky I get time to write! Since I have no overhours work today (kinda escape told you^^)
Well, I just want to share my trip to the old city of Jakarta. Kota Tua.
Actually I had no any plan to go there, since I just wanto to spend my long weekend in my room, sleeping. However, my boyfriend text me that his sister in Jakarta now, so I decided to accompany her wherever she want since she will back to surabaya on saturday. After having long discussion, we decided to go to Kota Tua. I always love this place, I love the classic environment and I love museum. I always keen to go to museum and I have no any time to visit all of them.
As it was my chance to sink into my favorite cloths (formal suit is boring sometimes if you wear them everytime altough you always put them mix and match). So I wore on my usual blazer and put my favorite wing shape brooch on. To make it little casual I wore an american flag tank top and jeans with ankle boots.

 I love this necklace, the fish bone is from my mom, it never gone from my body, it is part of my body. The other one, I just bought it the end of last year for my rock end year party of my office.

 My Favorite brooch.
 The black ring is from my boyfriend, it also become parts of my body. The black spike bracelet is one of my accecories collections.
 This blazer and tank top are unbranded cloths, but I love them.
 This ankle boots also unbranded one, just accidentally found it in somewhere.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t with my friend who always take some pictures of me, so it will my amateur photos. XD I'm not Pro sorry...

I really hope that she could enjoy the trip with me, I’m not a good tour guide. Altough that day was holiday, but it was friday (the short day in Indonesia) the museum closed too fast than I expected. We ended just by see 1 museum. Too sad, more or less it was too sad that she only see one museum. I hope she will come to Jakarta again and I could escort her better.
Well, since I like museum it would be nice to me if I could share some part of the museum I visited last holiday, take a look!

 I admire the artist, it has been hundred years ago without any better technology, impressive!

 Don't you think it's unique, I think I want this one someday~

 Actually it was kinda scary upstairs.

 Don't you think this glass is a great Art?

Well, I think this is the end of today's journal. Thanks who had read this or not and all of you

Dream is not  kind of think to be dreamed but to be realized ~ GACKT

Jaa Mata ne~!

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  1. Great post. Love the accessories.
    Kindly follow mine I will follow your blog back.
    Greetings from Pakistan.

    Maria Speaks Prada

    1. Thank you~! with pleasure^^
      Send my regards to PAkistan too~! Wow this is soo Amazing^^


  2. cool...udh lama gak ke kota tua... missing the ambiance there.... btw, love ur style ...

    1. Makasiiihh ahahah ayoo ke kota tua ><



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