Trend Color 2014 by Schwan Cosmetics Germany

Hello Readers~

It has been 2 weeks since my last post, are you waiting for my updates eagerly??
I hope so ahahaha..

Well, now I'd like to share you about Indonesian color trend 2014. It's such a lucky to you if you work at the beauty company, especially if you have passion on it. Frankly speaking, I'm not a makeup addict, but I am a fashion addict. Since makeup and fashion will never be apart, I think it's not a waste working in this company. I learn a lot. However, it's not my final. It's just an open gate to my next journey of life.
How could I say no?^^

Weeks ago, I and my ladies teammates were invited by Schwan Cosmetic company to see their proposal presentation about the color trend 2014. The event held at one of the highest hotel in South Jakarta. When I heard about this event, I was so much excited. Why? because it would be big event, well dress, color trend, and of course will impact to makeup and fashion trend. Speaking about well dress, all my teammates was getting excited too. We talked about "what should to wear? what makeup should be put on" alot XD, really..

Halo pembaca semua~

Sudah 2 minggu sejak saya posting update blog, apa kalian menunggu dengan tidak sabar?? ^^ Pada blog post kali ini saya ingin sharing mengenai Indonesian color trend 2014. Rasanya sedikit beruntung jika kita bekerja di sebuah perusahaan kecantikan, apalagi jika memiliki passion didalamnya. Jujur saja, saya bukanlah seorang penggemar alat-alat makeup, karena saya jarang ber makeup. Tapi karena makeup tidak akan pernah dipisahkan dari fashion, maka saya pikir bukanlah hal sia-sia bekerja diperusahaan ini. Saya belajar banyak. Tetapi ini bukan hal yang saya ingin lakukan sepanjang hidup saya, ini hanya gerbang pembuka jalannya.

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya dan team diundang ke sebuah acara yang diadakan oleh pihak Schwan Cosmetics untuk melihat presentasi proposal mereka mengenai tren warna 2014. Acara ini diadakan di salah satu hotel mewah di daerah Jakarta Selatan. Ketika mengetahui mengenai event ini, saya sangattt senang. Kenapa? karena dalam pikiran saya ini adalah acara penting, pakaian formal, tren warna, dan tentu saja pengaruhnya terhadap tren makeup dan fashion.
Bicara tentang pakaian formal, saya dan team meresa sangaaatt senang. Kami sibuk membicarakan mengenai "pakaian apa yang harus dikenakan? makeup apa yang akan digunakan?" XD

Here I share you the outfit that day~

The hotel corridor was really classic, I tempted to take some photos here.

I love details and I added some studs and spikes on my black blazer

Don't you think the dress detail pattern is beautiful?

Please meet the kru ^^ CHEEEEEESEEEE

While waiting for the show began, we got chance to take photos by the photographer, ahahaha such a lucky XD. We just received the retouch photo result this week, what do you think about the ladies crews? I got chubby cheeks T^T

I'll share you the color trend proposal by Schwan Cosmetics on the next blog post, just wait^^

Sambil menunggu acara dimulai, kami diberi kesempatan untuk berfoto oleh sang fotografer profesional, ahahahaha beruntung kan? Hasil retouch fotonya baru saja kami terima minggu ini. Bagaimana menurut kalian tenatng kami para ladies crews? Sayang, pipi saya sangat chubby difoto ini T^T

Saya akan ceritakan proposal tren warna  oleh Schwan Cosmetics pada postingan berikutnya^^ Ditunggu yaaa..

Local Brand Blazer (forgot the name) with stud creation by myself
Yellow dress by Popsicle
Custom made shoes
Unbranded wings brooch
Tight is my sister's

Thanks for reading it or not

And all of you~


The colorblind people can't see the beautiful color variations but the most beautiful things in life is the colorblind people can create the most beautiful color in life. (quotes by : Me, Inspiration : HYDE, L'Arc en Ciel's Vocalist)

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  1. salam, kunjungan rutin saya, cantik-cantik ya, memang saya kurang mengerti tentang fashion, tapi saya senang dengan blog ini, semoga sukses. terima kasih sudah berbagi.

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    1. hahaha sorry, I'm pretty occupied with the works ;( just wait patiently ^^

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