Whole Free day chapter 2

Hello readers! Happy weekend to you~! How's life?
Well, it had been 2 weeks since the holiday post, I've been *always* busy all the time. I hope you don't get bored to read my post. Since it still about my holiday a few weeks ago. I have still many things to share ahahaha,so please don't get bored pleasee please...

Actually I didn't go many place in Bandung. I just went to the nearest place and where I culd release my stress out. I started the day the late morning early noon *what the?* I took photo on hotel for a while. I was afraid that I just take some silly photos when I went around and I did!!!!!! Thanks god reminds me to take some photos at hotel before the day. ^^


Is it too much?? but I love the details soo much. So I put these black details on my vest. It had been long ago aahahaha.

I'm sure that I AM NOT a good Model T3T I never make a good expression at all

I love loose size t-shirt, I doesn't hve any special reason but I just feel cute *ridicolous* wearing them and it fit with with all tight pants, don't you think?

YAY! I love this blackwing details beads!!! I put them 1.5 years ago! yesy it was my oldies stuff but still my favorite one!
Black wings, lead me to fly to the most freaky wonderful place I ever know, named DREAM!
I also put some spikes on it, can't you see them among the crowded black beads?

Denim faux legging from sisterboutiqueonline check their collection
Shoes fromthe pos before. I only brought 1 pair of shoes ahahahaha

We went to ciwalk *again* and I accompanied my cousin to Elizabeth store! They broke the MURI record as the biggest size bags ever in Indoensia! I took photo in front the biggest
Elizabeth bag with Elizabeth bag XDDD

At that time, there was a bazaar, but since I have no any plan to buy there so I ended only looking at them T^T. At the bazaar as always bazaar do, there were some mannequin right? here they are..

I like it! I thinks it was soo creative,don't you think?

Loose white T- shirt by Connexion
Black vest and details by Akidoori (myself)
Unbranded red scarft
Faux denim legging by sisterboutiqueonlinestore
Fishbone necklace, a gift from my Mom
Unbranded wings brooch
Shoes from AdorableProjectIndonesia (find their goods by click the brand name)

Well this is the end of my post for today. See you in the next post!!! Don't get bored ><

Thanks for who read this or not

And all of you


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  1. salam, karena saya tidak bisa bahasa inggris, jadi komentarnya bahas Indonesia aja.

    Artikel yang menarik dan cantik.

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    1. hhahaha thank you, you're perfect too ^^
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    1. Thank you XX. Sure, I've followed you back, have you? XD the IG also hehe

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