Just Give me Time More (awkward)

Hi all~

How's life?

Me? I'm still living in this hectic days. Talking about living and hectic, weeks a go I hanged out with my friends, karaoke. What else you can do for relieving your stress and having fun with you hobby beside karaoke? for me, it's a lot but top of that is karaoke!! You can invite me to karaoke 3days or more in row and I won't never be bored hahaha.
So, we went to karaoke in one of the karaoke place in Jakarta. The one that provide Japanese songs update! Have I told you that I'm a Japan freak? Well now that you know.
We were singing like crazy almost 3-4 hours long. I suffered sore throat but I got fun time. That is never be a bad deal. Unfortunately, it's forbidden to take pictures on the room and follow the rule is a must right?
After killing the time with sore throat, we met the night and time to go home. I asked my friend to help me take pictures. It just my OOTD at that time. You could see my awkward face on the photos hahaha, it was embarrassing enough to stay there among the people looking at you while they were walking passed you.

Hi semua~

Apa kabar?

Saya? dihari-hari yang sibuk masih tetap hidup kok. Berbicara tentang hari yang sibuk dan terus hidup, beberapa minggu yang lalu saya pergi hang out bersama beberapa orang teman dekat. Apalagi yang bisa melepaskan stress sekaligus bersenang-senang dengan hobby selain karaoke? buat saya peringkat teratasnya adalah karaoke. Kamu bisa mengajak saya untuk karaoke 3 hari berturut-turut atau lebih dan tidak akan merasa bosan sama sekali hahaha.
Jadilah kita pergi ke salah satu tempat karaoke di Jakarta yang menyediakan lagu-lagu updatetan lagu-lagu Jepang. Apa saya sudah pernah bilang sebelumnya kalau saya seorang penggila Jepang? Well sekarang kamu tahu.
Selama 3-4 jam menggila di ruangan karaoke, setelah keluar tenggorokan langsung sakit. Tapi dibandingan dengan fun nya, sebanding. Sayang sekali mengambil foto di dalam ruangan karaoke itu dilarang dan peraturan itu ada untuk dipatuhi kan?
Setelah menghabiskan waktu yang berakhir dengan sakit tenggorokan, waktunya untuk pulang. Sebelum itu saya mengambil beberapa foto OOTD. Tapi kamu bisa lihat betapa canggunganya wajah saya di foto hahaha, karena malu juga kan kalau kita berdiri disana dan bergaya diantara orang-orang yang lewat.

Please meet my Lil' Pentax Q ^^ this is the older brand before Pentax Q10
The awkward poses began!

Blushed blushed! The ankle is already oldies! I mean can't be used anymore. This event was its last performance T^T RIP

I began to be relax now
The red cap is can be used for both side

Chubby me chubby meh
I like this colorful faux feather necklace

Rainy Rainy! but the legging is so thick with fur layer inside! it's so warmy!

Meet the friend

  Denim Shirt from forgot! XD
Necklace is unbranded
Red cap by Black ID
Ankle boots is unbranded
Bag is a gift from my Mom

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

Sampai jumpa lagi postingan selanjutnya^^ 

"There's no such thing in the world as an unneeded smile," by GACKT

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  1. i love this colorful necklace, it's so cheerful! :)
    ★ blog

  2. Lovely pics and cool look!
    Have a lovely week!!!!!!

  3. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its amazing!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
    Come to see my new post: OUR STREET

  4. Kisses my dear fashion friend!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!!

  5. Beautiful photos! Loving the street style
    kisses from Miami,

  6. The necklace is so cute dear :D


  7. Awesome look <3

    Nice pics too


  8. You are so adorable! I really enjoy reading your blog xx


  9. Love your outfit you look so cute!
    You are so cool as your blog!! I'm following your steps now :)

  10. just came to thank you for your beautiful words on my blog doll. much appreciate it!
    kisses from Miami,

    1. you are welcome~! thanks for stopping by ^^

  11. Nice outfit! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  12. Love the necklase, so colorfull!!!
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