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Hi all, how's life going? great?

I just want to share about last break day of me from works. It's really rare of me to get off from works and doing some fun. Well not that crazy days actually but weekend is never enough. I need more to breath and living.
You could say it was my hideaway moment.I got off from office (it was officially break day guys!) then since it wasn't a common holiday for others, I took a chance for 'me time' at one of mall in Jakarta. Well, the one which is not that fashionable mall in Jakarta I guess.
I was aiming to take the short time to hunting something I don't know. I want to buy this and that but I didn't know exactly what was this and that. Just let the time help me to choose.
So, unexpectedly I found this cute bowler. Well, I'm not into it with bowler before, honestly. But this cute little red bowler just took my attention too much. I can't help it and I bought it hahahaha.
As it my "me time" I wasn't willing to meet anybody I know that day. But after this little thing has become my stuff family, I just hope that I could meet someone I know there. 
For what? for taking these romantic meet between me and my red bowler hahaha, silly I know.
Again, unexpectedly I met my friend, wow! You know what I wish for after that, huh? right, took me some pictures! XDD

All Outfit were my old stuff, some of them I can't remembered what the brand is. This outfit is one of my favorite actually. They are really comfortable to hang out with. Simple but still good to look at hmmm.

Jacket from Afc
Japan flag shirt by ummm forgot!
Black skinny jeans by Logo with few touch creation of mine.
Bags from again forgot! 
Red bowler is unbranded.
Ankle boots  by AdorableProjectIndonesia
Go visit their website!!

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

Sampai jumpa lagi postingan selanjutnya^^ 

"There's no such thing in the world as an unneeded smile," by GACKT

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  1. love the pop color with that red fedora hat

  2. Fun outfit and you look lovely! Is your blog name "akidoori" in Japanese? It sounds familiar to me :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

    1. Thank you^^
      yup! the name is in Japanese ^^v
      I love the street in autumn which is full of falling leaves hehe

  3. Beautiful post… loving the hat
    Kisses from Miami,

  4. Hi dear, thanks for your nice comment! sure we can follow each other, I already followed you on GFC, hope u'll do the same! And if u want we can also keep in touch on the other social networks... let me know :)

    My Blog ♥

  5. cute outfit hun!

  6. Very nice.... I love the touch of red, lovely hat!!!!
    Kisses my fashion friend!!!

  7. Cool outfit!

  8. awesome! I like your blog ❤
    I would be happy if we could follow each other??
    Let me know :)


  9. Loving this! Awesome coat and hat
    kisses from Miami,

  10. You look very cute in your hat, it suits you a lot.
    Dusana :-)


  11. Nice cap :)
    Today new post, And the winner is… who won Rosewhole giveaway? and February summary
    Kisses from Spain, Kela



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