Whole Swollen Week

Hi all~
How's life bringing you?
How's your home today? Fun?
As for me who live far from my home (parents' house), there is always time to go back home and there is always time that I want to enjoy "me time" only not with others. It's kind of contradictive. 
I used to live in parents' house until graduating from university. I chose to bring my luck away from my hometown, from my house, from my parents. I think some of you will understand why and some of you will not but I would never tell why.
There is always time to go back home, home sweet home, will never be replaced from others beautiful place in this world. After months, I was going back to home to do operation of my right upper and lower wisdom teeth. It was my mom's idea to conduct it in my hometown, because it would be easy to her to control my condition.

Home sweet Home
 Everything was set to operate my wisdom teeth that day but I still had to wait till night as the dentist order because we will be easy to be distracted by other patients.

I won't tell you the detail of the operation, I barely know what they do. I can't see and I felt numb anyway. The most memorable thing was the pain after operation. The pain killer had gone and I suffered hurt on my mouth and bones! I barely can drink my medicine because it was so hard and hurt to open my mouth but I had to, I had no choice. I chose to sleep to forget the suffered.
Morning time, please meet my half swollen cheek!!! hahaha.
In swollen cheek I accepted my old friends invitation for having lunch. I won't miss this chance since I rarely to go back home.

Ah..last but not list, I'd like to share my OOTD that day. It took with my personal cellphone. I left my camera that day.



 OOTD that day was all unbrand stuff ^^

Oh just for a suggestion, I think it's better to you to conduct operation for your wisdom teeth if you feel so much pain when it's growing out. Why? because it's afraid that it will be reach your nerve and cause much much more pain. Don't forget to consult you dentist regularly.

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

Sampai jumpa lagi postingan selanjutnya^^ 

"There's no such thing in the world as an unneeded smile," by GACKT
PS : Even your smile is a half swollen cheek smile!!!
Have a great day!!

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  1. Amazing pics and cool look!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

  2. This looks great!! Awesome cargo pants!
    kisses from Miami,

  3. cool denim jacket and scarft :D


  4. Lovelyy

    plz follow me & i will follow you back :)

  5. beautiful girl


  6. Thanks for your visit my love! can't wait to see more of your beautiful looks!
    kisses from Miami,

  7. You're beautiful! You look at this outfit unearthly!
    As a model - slim and beautiful! I love your style!
    You are my color inspiration: - *

    Katherine Unique



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