Office Idling

Hi all, how's life? I'm still living after all.

I'm still in my daily office life. Busy? no. Work in the office is not always that busy you know, I think few people just make it too dramatic haha I don't know. As for me, there always time busy time till to death but there is also time that  nothing work to do.
I ever face these two condition, both of them are fascinating and stressing. Too many works to do make me challenge myself harder to gain more experience, earning knowledge, brain and mental training and so on but I also feel so stressful by the deadline, pressure, and problem. On the other hand, having nothing to do is so much fun, all you can do in the office is networking, updating your blog,and shopping online hahaha but you will get bored easily, feeling stupid, and unneeded. Trust me this is no a great feeling at all.
However, doing nothing while you have a pack of works is another story. That what I do now! no bosses around. So I'm taking my rare time being narcissistic and impolite in the meeting room hahaha. Who will be angry at me now? no one!

Hi semua, bagaimana kabarnya? saya masih menjalani hidup.

Saya masih menjalani keseharian saya di kantor. Sibuk? tidak. Bekerja dikantor tidak selalu akan dihantui dengan kehidupan yang sibuk, menurut saya itu hanya cerita yang didramatisir oleh segelintir orang saja hahaha, entahlah. Tapi bagi saya, selalu ada waktu dimana kita akan menghadapi dengan yang nama kesibukan yang luar biasa hingga mau mati rasanya, tetapi juga selalu ada waktu dimana kita tidak memiliki kerjaan sama sekali.
Saya pernah menghadapi kedua situasi tersebut, keduanya sama-sama menarik dan bikin strees. Disaat terlalu banyak kerjaan yang harus dilakukan merupakan tantangan tersendiri bagi saya, mendapatkan pengalaman lebih, pengetahuan lebih, melatih otak dan mental, dll tetapi saya juga merasakan yang namanya stress karena tenggat waktu, tekanan, dan juga masalah. Sebaliknya, tidak ada kerjaan itu sangat menyenangkan haha, kamu bisa melakukan banyak hal seperti online, update blog, bahkan belanja online haha tapi kamu akan merasa lebih cepat bosan, merasa bodoh, dan tidak dibutuhkan. Percayalah, itu sama sekali bukan perasaan yang menyenangkan.
Tetapi, lain hal nya dengan tidak melakukan apa-apa disaat kamu memiliki segudang kerjaan yang harus dikerjakan. Itulah yang sedang saya lakukan sekarang. Tidak ada boss!!! Jadi saya menikmati waktu langka ini dengan bernarsis ria dan  bersikap tidak sopan diruang meeting hahaha. Siapa yang kan marah? tidak siapa pun.

Enjoy the nothing to do in among works of me!

Psssttt don't tell anyone, won't you? Or my boss gonna kill me at this moment!!!

The detail of the sweatshirt is so cute with fur bunny and bedazzled things

This Oxford shoes surely cute don't they??? I got them from Adorableprojectindonesia
If lazy were allowed in office, I will definitely doing that everyday XDD
If sleeping were allowed in meeting, I will doing that every single meeting.

Some people always complain about their life and sometimes me too. However, we are just wasting our time to do that. I just try my best to not always do that (sometime I fail also) but trying to enjoy and find any meaning on our present life to gain much better future, won't we?
So ladies, lets finding these meaning start today!
Unbranded Scarf
Custom made Chino pants (Tailor house from Bandung)
Oxford shoes by AdorableProjectIndonesia
Bunny sweatshirt from Red Ichigo shop
Unbranded Inner T shirt

Thanks who read this or not
And all of you

PS : Dreams are there to to be realized, not to be dreamed. To realize a dream, you have to stay steadfast in your strong will. (Gackt of Gacktionary 1 : Action)
PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT) 

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  1. Love your brogues!


  2. cute!!

  3. lovely sweater!
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  4. Cool look, I love your sweater and your shoes!!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

  5. Super cool pics and very cool outfit too
    Very nice blog too

  6. Love your sweater. So cute !

  7. cute shoes dear :D


  8. Cute outfit! Love your shoes!


  9. Those tricolored brogues are sooo cute dear! Office fun time! Glad I clicked on your comment on NINE IN THE AFTERNOON's blog and got led back here to yours. Your blog's pics and layouts are great too, keep it up! Just followed on GFC and bloglovin' <3 Also, you should check out my newest OOTD featuring ALEXANDER WANG, mixed FRIEZE art fair 2014 in NYC coverage, talk about mixing fashion with art, guaranteed to include the best of weirdest contemporary art you'd ever feast your eyes upon. I dare you to be provoked, haha! #FRIEZE

    xx The Provoker

    1. Hi.. thank you for visiting me here XXX

  10. This is beyond beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  11. so gorgeous! btw love the shoes!!

    1. Thank you ^^
      yes, they have wonderful shoes collections XX

  12. so lovely <3

  13. Loving this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  14. I love the shoes!!


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    1. Thank you^^
      see their more collections by the website ^^

  15. Lovely look! I like how you put on your outfit and look chic!

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