Manila Trip Day 1

Hi all~ How's life going?

I just want to share some of my first experience in Manila as soon as I possible reaching my PC to write it down.
Well, lets start!
last 2 weeks ago, I went to Manila, Philippine. No, no I was not going to a holiday trip. It was a business trip. Yes, I went to Manila for working  for a few days in there, so sad. Although it was a tiring trip but I really enjoyed it a lot.

Well, the very first day trip story is starting from the day of our departure to Manila by Singapore Airline (SQ) in the morning. After checking in and finish all the regulations in Airport, I took my breakfast. Well, as I was hungry like a die man, I took it a lot, Sate Ayam in the morning (Chicken BBQ with peanuts sauce and rice cake in banana leaves) hahaha and I regretted it later.

I took a photo few minutes before entering the plane in Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Just LOVE LOVE the details BUT it wasn't not tight enough. So I re-sew them and changes some of with my own bling stuffs.
Since we flight with SQ, we should transit in Changi Airport to continue our flight to Manila. We have 1.5 hours spare time to look around the Airport, well the shops I mean.  As I mentioned above, I regretted take my breakfast a lot because we were served with big portion breakfast on the plane. I felt my stomach become too full and heavy for walking ugghh.
On of my colleagues dragged me from one shop to another, she even had started marking her favorite brand, Charles & Keith products. Is that too early to shop? We even haven't arrived at Manila yet! I asked her. Well, she just didn't care about it. 

Oily nose girl smiling at Changi Airport, Singapore
At Charles & Keith in Changi Airport with My Lil' Pentax Q
Unstoppable shopping colleague

At 2pm, we continue our journey to Manila and again we were served with big lunch on plane!! ugggghhh but I ate them all hahaha they just too good to be ignored, right? After 3hours long trip, we arrived at Manila aroung 6pm (Manila time). We were picked up by our Japanese colleague in Manila. Unfortunately, it was already dark. I can't see around clearly, but I saw Jeepney! yes!!  However, I can't take the pic because of the less of light in Manila in night time. I noticed, every evening we had dinner, I thought the lights of the town was not that bright compare with Jakarta or Malaysia or Singapore.
Evening means Dinner. After checking in New World Hotel in Makati City (I think it is one of the most prestigious place in Manila) we went for our dinner. The first day in Manila, we were not served with luxury Japanese food, well I thought he (Japanese man) would do that. However, we requested to have Jolibee as our dinner.

What is Jolibee? It is Philippine local junk food restaurant that really famous in this country even comparing with KFC or  McDonald. So we got Jolibee for dinner in Greenbelt Mall (I think it is also one of the most prestigious mall in Manila) which is located just opposite from the hotel.

Jolibee Masot. It is a Bee
The taste of Jolibee is a bit different with McD or KFC, maybe in factor of my tongue I prefer KFC. You can feel what kind of food taste the Filipino likes. The love sweet, even for the sauce. Now I really want to eat KFC while writing this.
After finished dinner we just right going back to hotel. It was too tired for a walk the mall. We still have time (actually we regretted it also hahaha). We need for a rest more.

Well, I think this is the end of my first day in Manila trip story. I will post soonest for the 2nd day. It was so much fun!! be waiting ^^

On last pose before going to bed in Hotel Lobby
One last pose before really going to bed and sleep at hotel room hahahaha
Denim Coat Vest by Forever21
Stripes shirt inner by I think it's Romp but I am not sure. The tag is missing^^
Unbranded red scarft
Denim LOGO pants
Shoes from AdorableProjectIndonesia (find their goods by click the brand name)

Thanks for reading or not and all of you!!


PS : You can love other countries because you love your own country from the bottom of your heart.
If you don’t know your own culture, you couldn’t deliver that to other countries, right?
Could someone who doesn’t value his own family be kind to other people’s families? Gacktionary chapter 31 (Think)

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  3. Looks like an amazing trip :) Great photos, I like the one with you sitting in the lobby, looks cool :) Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. xx Maja


  4. Great post, I love the sleeveless denim jacket you have on!! x

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  6. Great trip!!!!!
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