Hey I'm Sexy in Lingerie

Hi all~

No, no it's not me who wear Lingerie. I'm not sexy ;(
2 weeks ago, I was invited by Parkson St. Moritz Marketing to attend the Lingerie Fashion in there.

Parkson is the new open Department Store in St. Moritz Mall, while St. Moritz is also new one too. It provide many kinds of high brand stuff.
I was happy and  not expect it. Why? it was Lingerie hahaha I'm not a Lingerie user (yet) fufufu. However, I was really happy with this invitation and I couldn't help it ^^.

I was a bit late for the event, it took quite time to find the place. There are 2 St. Moritz in Puri but only 1 St. Moritz which has Parkson in there. We were lost! We missed the seminars about the Lingerie and most of all was the breast health knowledge (it's really important). I arrived when the fashion show just started.

Their body was soooooo slim! I'm envy!!!! They are soo beautiful all of them >______<. The show was not too long only 2 hours. After the event finish, we got goody bag and the content was so WOW hahahahaha!

Pretty MC, Meisya Siregar

The event was so much fun, I hope I could get invited with other events haha.

Polkadot Dress Vest by Tamochi
Loafer by AdorableProject

Thanks for reading or not and all of you!!


PS : You can love other countries because you love your own country from the bottom of your heart.
If you don’t know your own culture, you couldn’t deliver that to other countries, right?
Could someone who doesn’t value his own family be kind to other people’s families? Gacktionary chapter 31 (Think)

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  1. great outfit ^^ love your dress..


  2. Nice post!


  3. Cool fashion show! Your outfit is perfect, I love your Lovely dress!!!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  4. Genial post amiga, eres una gran blogger de moda, saludos desde El Blog de Boris Estebitan

  5. Great post! Looks like a great event!


  6. love the lingerie collection <3 and you look really cute in that outfit!

    ps: i followed you on gfc... i hope you could return the favor dear.

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints

  7. The lingerie is awesome!


  8. What a cute shoes and dress dear :D


  9. Would love to watch something like this in personal. I hope I could be invited too ^_^

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


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