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Hi All~

It had been weeks since my last post. On this moment I'd like to share about how my daily activities and routines who work in big company obliged me to attend several corporate event or company meeting events. Because of this condition, I must have some special cloths for special occasion.

What kind of occasion that might be I faced? well let me see...
You can say that I have to attend launching event, new theme makeup presentation event, night party, dinner, etc. In this case I should have dress event it's formal or cocktail or evening dress huffftttttttttt.

Sometimes it makes me a bit frustrated, why? because I have to buy many kinds of dress for some occasion and these dress can't be wear in nearest time events. I don't to be told that my dress is just the same dress with the last time events, no thank you! it hurts my pride hahaha. It's not like that I won't wear twice my dress, I just don't to wear them in near time event.

I have my solution to this actually until I've found this online shop. Tidebuy. This online shop provide many choices of dresses based on your events. You can choose them on Tide Buy Special Occasion Dress link. In there you can find my special occasion dresses such as Tide Buy Evening dresses, Tide Buy Prom Dresses, Tide Buy Home coming dresses, Tide Buy Cocktail dresses, Tide Buy Formal dresses, and etc. You can choose them based on your need. There are many references there.
As for me who often attend many kinds of formal event, I choose some my dresses that can fulfill my need. I combine the choices from formal dresses, cocktail dresses, and evening dresses. Since I have a petite body shape, it's a bit difficult to me to chooses dresses freely, I have to chooses the midi or midi in order to not make my body sinking by the dresses. That is why most of my choices are cocktail dresses. However, just a simple suggestion to you, never bound your self to choose certain dresses only for certain event. Meaning to say, you only choose cocktail dresses only for cocktail party, evening dresses only for evening party and vice versa. Well if you have petite body like mine it's difficult to follow that way. So, you can choose any dresses that can be wore for any occasion. All you have to do is  choosing smartly.

Dress never been complete without jeweleries, so I also choose some of Tide Buy Woman Jewelry cab be fit with the dresses but also still can be wore in my casual daily activities too.

Aren't they soooo beautiful???? >_________________< Besides jewelry, what other that should be had for party??? yes yes beautiful pair of shoes!! So I also choose some of Tide Buy Woman Shoes here. I choose the shoes that will be fit for all my dress! so I could mix and match the shoes and the jewelry with the dresses I have. It won't be boring to see huh? ^^

VOILA!!! I'm ready for any parties!!!

Since I have been around this site, it's not a sin to look for other stuffs for my daily activities. I love street style and I found my needs here. I just can't resist with all the stuffs here. Just take a look with this Tide Buy Watches on Tide Buy Women Accessories Collections! Aren't they so great?

My chosen shoes collection always the simple and super comfort one. I am not that into with high heels but it doesn't mean I don't wear them. I just not into them. Super comfort shoes are always be my choices. I found some cute collections of shoes here.

Ugghhhhh I want them all >_______________________<

For the bag, I love the classic one. The more it's classic the more I love them. I also find this classic collection of Tide Buy Women Accessories Collections. They are so great in any meaning. The shape, the color, the looks makes me can't resit anymore.

Last but not the least!! I'm swimming into head dress and also some scarf. Although in Indonesia, especially Jakarta is soo hot, I still love to use scarf. It seems I can hold on the hot weather hahahaha.
Because of the hot weather, we think a cap or any kind of hat is needed to prect ourself from the heat of the sun rays. So I choose some of them. While choosing the hat, I meet also some cute hairpin. AWWWWWWWWW I think I'm going crazy hahahaha.

 So guys, just save your time to look at the site and you'll amazed how everything is provided in here. Have a great surfing~! Ciao!!

~When you sad, just go shopping! You'll feel much better~

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  1. such a good selection of cute things
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  2. Love the items! Fabulous!

  3. Love all of them! dresses are georgeous! Would you like to follow each other by GFC? it would be a pleasure for me, so let me know on my blog!
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  4. Great wishlist. the yellow heels are too cute.

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  7. you rock!

  8. I love so much of this stuff it is actually ridiculous!!

  9. love all the party dresses and shoes!! amazing! I just found your blog and it's full of inspiration I love it. I know you'lll ove mine if you come and visit!

    Gogui O

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  12. Such a cool wishlist. The shoes are so fab

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  15. great items!

  16. everything seems great and awesome

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  18. Replies
    1. I have petite body, it seems my body sink on the dress T^T

  19. love this post! the selection are pretty adorable!

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