Let Choies Warm you

Hello everyone~

Are you feeling warmy?? Me? I feel HOT!! you know I'm feeling summer all the time!! T^T
I wish I'm feeling cooler here but I know if it happen, bigger disaster will come! you know what I mean.

So what can I do for you to make you feeling warm?

Hmmm...knit clothing is the best idea! let me guess, you know it already right? ^__^

Choies now update its WarmKnitwear collection for you to complete the warmness in you and your day!
The collection are soo gorgeous! you can feeling warmy and fashionable at the same time. I have decide my own style.
I want to share to you my Choies of knit wear! Tattaraa~ Choies WarmKnitwear is the best for knitting!! You will love it!! >< here they are~

You can check my choices knit collection below :

Stripe Loose Crop Sweater here
Khaki Knit Skirt here
Red Scarf here
BLack Legging here
Boots here
Beige Flower pattern cardigan here
Black Knit Skirt here
Celebona Knit here

This is my choices, what yours? share with me here

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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