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Happy Sunday~!

What do you do on this Sunny day? Well I don't think all of you feel warmy sunny though.

Well few days ago, I just received my orders from BornPrettyStore . I a bit surprise when I see this package, it's kind of fast. You know, because since BornPrettyStore is not from my country, but it came punctually and I really appreciate it how they keep their promises.
I am sooo excited when seeing this little package in front of my room. These little things just sooo pretty when I see them <3 <3 <3. With affordable price, they sure have quality. It's sure good point to keep on.

I can't wait to wear them all in every moment. It is because I believe, accessories will complete my appearance. I am never be afraid if I wear something plain, when I wear any accessories, it's a VOILA! bye bye plain.

This posh bowknot shape necklace is so pretty, I can arrange the length with my own desired, whether it's longer or shorter. Cute! You can find this necklace in here.

This hair pin is so classic to see. I like it when, it gives classic and autumn feeling. Gorgeous. The pink also so tight, I don't have to be worry it will falling down from my hair. it will stay on. However, because of the tightness, it's pretty difficult to be released from the hair when your day is over. When I release it, my hair also stuck on it. I's a bit hurt. just be patient, slowly, and careful, everything will be fine. You can check this hair pin details here.

I can't say no for this earrings! Really classic, elegant, and beautiful! I have no more to say but I love it so much!! You can check it here for details.

Skull necklace can be cute and pretty too~! This small skull just hanging around on this tiny necklace. So cute! I love it!! You can check it here for details, because the look is so tiny on the photo.

Are you interested it? It's easy to have, all you can do is only to check BornPrettyStore website by the link, then go to Jewelry&Accessories section. You will find many pretty accessories there. If you got 
 your favorite items, you can have 10% off by using this coupon code AULT10
This is mine, what's yours? Happy shopping Pretty Little Things!!

All accessories by  BornPrettyStore
White shirt by Mango 

Thank you for reading
~When I sad, I go shopping and I feel much better~

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  1. This is perfect!! *u* These pieces look so nice on you~ Thank you for sharing ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3

  2. cute accessories!


  3. Sooooo cute!!! ^^

    I think the styles of the accessories are elegant and beautiful!!!!

    恵美より ♥


  4. Hello dear friend, i love your pretty little things, i am your reader now, and i decide to follow your blog, if you like you can follow mine, stay in touch

  5. Hello sweetie, I am inviting you to join my giveaway, you can win a lovely winter coat!
    I hope you join and if you do, good luck!! <3
    Fashion gets Fierce.

  6. Great pictures! :)

  7. Beautiful jewelries!


  8. The little bow is so adorable!


    P.S. Giveaway on my blog for a gift card to THE LOFT.

  9. Great post I love your blouse and the bow necklace!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog



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