Olive Des Olive Show report

Actually this kind of a late post but it just a wasted to not write it in blog. It's not that sooo long ago so don't worry about it. If you one of Japan culture big fan like me, I think you will love it.
Well, what I would like to share about the Olive des Olive fashion show that accidentally I saw in one of Mall in town.
OLIVE des OLIVE is a Fashion Brand for ladies who likes Kawaii Culture from Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.You can check their site here for the Japan site and here for Indonesia site. Olive des Olive just come to Indonesia to expanse their brand here as one of South Asian country which has a lot of Japan popular cultures lover. That's me. I just still remembered when I was in to with Cosplayed, Anime, J-fashion and any other popular culture. Although I am no longer doing cosplay (you could say I graduated^^) but still I can't lose my love to Japan popular culture.

OLIVE des OLIVE picks some girls that have certain influence in their age. The girls are Bloggers and also Cosplayers who already has amount followers. OLIVE des OLIVE wants the girls is not as a model who hardly meet but the girls who exist in their daily light. That's being a concept and aim of OLIVE des OLIVE choose its girls.

Really can not resist of the cuteness of the girls >___< gyaaahh!!! Seems I am back to my teens. Really a nostalgic memory. The collections gives simple, light, and kawaii fashion for the girls. Special collection for Indonesia young girls, they present the collection which already adapted with the climate and also Indonesia young girls habit. So for you Indonesia girls, have no worries.

If you love to wear kawaii style, maybe you have have a look of their collection in your country.
The event was so much fun, I hope I could get invited to their others events hahahahah.

Thanks for reading or not and all of you!!


PS : You can love other countries because you love your own country from the bottom of your heart.
If you don’t know your own culture, you couldn’t deliver that to other countries, right?
Could someone who doesn’t value his own family be kind to other people’s families? Gacktionary chapter 31 (Think)

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  1. this collection is full of youth, very sporty and dynamic.

    new post on my blog


  2. So cute!


  3. This is so cute ;A; I love everything in this collection! Thank you for sharing this.
    ~Kiyomi <3

  4. Wow...this is really cool! The collection is so fun, cute and girly, I specially love the skater skirts, adorable indeed :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous day ahead<3


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