#CosmopolitanChic Vegas to be Wild to be true

I have never visited Vegas before for this 24 years of my life. So I can't say how Vegas is. However, from every I watch, every review I read, and every pictures I see, I know Vegas is such a Cosmopolitan city with sooooo many night entertainment and tour not forget to mention that Vegas is also a WILD city haha you know what I mean. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Well, I think sometimes girls want to be wild too, don't you? I mean, when boys behave as wild as they proud of themselves, why is girl should have to behave like a lady every times? Girls also need to release their stress and reaching out the fun of being wild but I don't want to be wild with my girls hahaha I just kind of worry that it will be uncontrolled. The time I want to be wild with is maybe with my future love partner. Whoever is he, it should be with him. So there will be no party could be flirting or flirted and cheating or cheated ^^b~

I think Vegas is one of the right city to visit when you are in your Honeymoon journey. Don't ask "when" to me, okay??
There are so many high class hotel, place to be visited, and also the festivals either day or night. I check some reference that my future wishlist to visit in Vegas. Hope it will come true truly truly soon for ages maybe or I don't know~ *whistle*
Luxury Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace for the night love~

The Hotel is so gorgeous!! This is the right place for stay with love partner right? so romantic! I think you don't really need special suit in a bedroom hahaha however this elegant dress will be fit for the romantic dinner at Rao's.

 Dress and Red Clutch see at Choies.

Since both of us love art, I think P3Studio will the nice choice to be visited in Vegas. When I read the review, there are so many kind of arts could be found here. So excited if we could visit here! Since the studio's inception it has featured an array of renowned talents from painters and photographers to fashion designers and performance artists, it could become our inspiration of idea too. The outfit is should be classic but comfortable. You don't want to be bothered by your dress while seeing the arts, right? Ask me, big NO! This comfortable suit will nice for it.
 All outfit by Choies.

One thinng that can't be left is visiting Titanic Exhibit Hall, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.
I see so many classical artifact of Titanic here!  Gorgeous! I think it's will be in same day with the P3Studio visit day yippi!
 We love music, I love music but he loves music more as his life more than me also *smack*! So, music festival is the best choice for us!! This event where we can all out and be wild!! On this festival area also a great place for sightseeing in the afternoon.By the downtown of Las Vegas. The festival features some of the hottest acts in the music industry, plenty of food and drink, a learning center, art and even a Ferris wheel. The festival offers so much, we thought we'd offer some tips on what we learned during our first experience at Life is Beautiful.So, casual comfortable outfit is a must!!

 All outfit by Choies.

It's not being in Vegas if you don't visit Vegas the night show, right? So this is my choice! To feel some hot air and show. I think this outfit is a good idea! Well he never want me to be too sexy to be seen by others so this is the save one haha although I want to be a center of attention sometimes *pout*

  All outfit by Choies.

So, this is my wishing hoping place to visit in Vegas, What's yours? Share with me here~ 

Thanks who read this or not

And all of you

PS : When I have someone beside me who smile for me. That is enough to make me happy. (GACKTIONARY : LOVE by GACKT) 

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  16. It would be an amazing place to see wouldn't it! I love that you are so passionate about it too!
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    Just get a job and then treat a savings account like you would just any other bill. Save as much as you can away every month without even thinking about it - kind of like rent, yeah??? And then keep accumulating the bucks until you can buy your ticket and see this dream place of yours!

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    1. Yes it is~
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