IFW 2015 with Sophie

Hi All~

It has been a long time, works took my time a lot. Before forgetting the moment, I want share the Indonesia Fashion Week I attended some weeks ago.
Honestly, I had no plan to attend IFW 2015 that week. I was really occupied that week. However, this fellow just came at the moment, hmm right moment maybe.
I got invited to IFW 2015 with Sophie Paris. It is one of big eCommerce online shop company that provide anythings you need. Not only as an complete online shop, Sophie also provide a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) system for members. So you're not only assigned as the member but also you earn business and money cooperate with Sophie, what a great huh?

So, Sophie invited me. I am so happy! when I had no plan to go, there was a way lead me to go, so I definitely GO!! There invitation and also gift from Sophie come 1 week before the day. I am so happy that the invitation came along with the cool bag from Sophie. what a day~~~ ><

Along with my little PentaxQ, I went to the show~

The event was so great! There were many mannequin and the clothing design displayed on the lobby. They are so a great art! I really fallen in love with them.

The fashion show started in the evening, I must admitted that the time keeper of the show was kind of bad. it was 1 hour late. Disappointed. Since we can't enter the show if we 5 minutes late so when the gate of the show had not opened yet, there were so many people wait and it was so irritable really. Thanks God that event was indoor and it was not hot.

Finally we entered the gate. Fyuuuhhh... I took a seat and each seat we got goody bag from Sophie, it was a wow after irritable condition hahahaha.
The theme of the show is summer "Aku & Sophie" (Sophie & Me). There were some collections showed that time. They are so beautiful collection. It's casual, light, and sweet collection. I got may favorites already ^^
Beside summer casual collection, Sophie also showed us the Hijab Fashion. I was speechless, they are so beautiful collections. With the light, smooth material, it made the Hijab and outfit doesn't looktoo much at all.

Unfortunately, I forgot to recharged my camera that day T^T, right after the show it's totally off. So I took my shots using my cellphone camera. Because of the less light place, the result was a bit disappointed. So sorry for the bad shots.

Right after the show, I had my late dinner. So I took some shots of my OOTD with poor light place with my cellphone. My OOTD I got from Choies. This casual long dress is just lovable. I can become sweet, feminime, edgy, and cool at the sametime, don't you think? The material of the upper side is so smooth but below is thick. So don't worry of the transparency paranoid ^^ This dress is 2 in 1 Dress, so it's actually one piece^^ you can check it here. practical lover can't resist it!

This cool bag that I got from Sophie Paris 

Thanks to Sophie Paris for the invitation of this big event. It make my day so much. It gathered all my spirit up on my hectic weeks!!! <3 <3 <3

Dress by Choies Here
Ankle boot by Marc & Stuart
Bag by Sophie Paris

Thanks for who read this or not and all of you^^

See you on my next post~

 PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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  1. Nice look, love the skirt!



  2. Amazing event!! I love your outfit!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. Hello dear! Nice blog!
    Follow me and I will follow back)

    My Blog: violaceous_flavor
    Write me in my blog if you following me)

  4. It looks rally nice dear
    thanks for sharing
    kss a lot
    new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/vestidos-de-fiesta-largos.html

  5. OOO Cool blog and layout
    Its nice to see you had fun at IFW Xxx

  6. you look adorable! love the stripes! :)

    Metallic Paws

  7. Great pictures!! I love your outfit, very cool.


  8. oh, i thought it's a stripes skirt & top, and it's not. It's a dress, cool.




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