Popeye in & out of ME

Hi All~

It has been week since my last post! So here I am being back to writing routine ^^

Well this at this moment, I would like to share this stripes one piece dress from Choies. Hmmm I feel like in popeye world hahahaha. Although Choies said it's Peter Pan dress but for me it's Popeye >_<
This one piece dress is not thick but also not too thin at all. It really fit for summer or in tropical like Indonesia. In this summer all year country, I have no worry to wear this cotton dress. The materail also super soft and absorb the sweat nicely. It combine of white and dark blue stripes from collar to the end of the dress. I really feel being a sailor XD maybe I'll meet my Popeye soon <3 you can check the dress in here.

I combine this one piece dress with my old big loose cardigan, so it when the rain comes I have no worry for being cold. 

I also got this black tight from Choies. It really super comfortable tight!!! Really!! I super impressed!! Why oh why?
Honestly, I already has a black tight before and it's totally different feeling when I wore both of them. My old one is thin and a bit itchy if I wear it all day. But this one that from Choies is not. It even thicker than my old one and it so soft outside in inside like fury. IT warmer and not itchy at all! I really love it and fortunate for having it. I really want you to feel it too >< you can check the tight in here.

Just wait for my next post will you? I would gladly share you my very first experience of watching live concert in my life hahaha >< BTW, last but not least, I would like to thanks my dear friend for taking this shoots for me. It was rarely time since she live in Bandung. Sankyuuu. Check her Google+ here.

Check the Black Tight here

Check the Peter Pan Collar dress here

Ankle boot by Marc & Stuart
Thanks for who read this or not and all of you^^
See you on my next post~
 PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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