Mothers is a Woman

Happy mothers day~
Well, actually in my country, mother's day is celebrated on December 22th. It's kind of unusual to greet this big day on this moment hahaha. It's too early.
However, there is no too early to say "I love you Mom" to your mother right?? Everyday is the day, no? <3

So, are you a mother?
As a woman, it is our nature to take care our beauty right?
I think some of you are and being a mother this day and it doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our nature as independent woman being who should take care the our beauty.
So for you young mother, modern mother, or cool mama, Dresslink present to you their event promo to this special day for special women called Mother.
There are many fantastic price and this is my favs below, have a look~

You can the direct link by click the photos~ or by the link below :

Being a woman is a blessing for us and being a mother is a miracle.
Nobody can't ever feel it if they never being a mother, doesn't it?
So lads, having a gentle man living with that understand our nature as a woman as well as a mother is our goal, don't you think?
If you have them treasure them.
So gents, you can't have a good woman while you're NOT a good man for her!!

This is me, what's your?
Thanks who read this or not and all of you
See you in the post~e next

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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