The Cameo Dorothy

Do you know The Wizard of Oz?
I'm sure you all now.

Suddenly I remembered this immortal story.

Last weekend, I was doing a photoshoot to my new arrival family of fashion stuff from Dresslink. I received some stuffs and all of them are  so gorgeous! I will separate the post into 2 post, so be patient hehe..
That day, the photo was taken by my photographer friend. That day, she suggested me for having twin braid hair for that day photoshoot. Hmmm I have no idea what outfit would be fit with this. Suddenly, I remembered the legendary girl, Dorothy.


I searched on the internet more about Dorothy's life. The more I searched more I didn't find the specific information about Dorothy's life. Well maybe I just haven't found it yet. Do you know more about her? Please tell me her story...


The interesting part of this legendary story is the unrevealed story before Dorothy. This story is really interesting and I am kind of amazed. It's the Musical Theater of the Wizard of Oz side story named "WICKED". I don't know much about this musical because I've never watch it.
Of course we all know the good Glinda and the bad Wicked Witch sisters. Don't they?
However, from the review I read, I can understand that every good person has a bad past and every bad person has a future. One more thing I understand are the good one is not always their real face and its' not the bad one wants to be come a devil one. It's the people around them who make them to be.How do you think?

I really want to watch this musical or movie if it's exists. I really like the legend unrevealed stories which always revealed the truth. Don't you think it's interesting?
You know what? This Dorothy is only being a super ordinary spoil little girl who just being unlucky being the chosen girl. ^^

By the way, about my outfit at this shoot are so fit these theme I think. I just received a package from Dresslink. I got this faux leather tote bag and also this little red wallet.

I like simple things on my handy properties, so I really happy to get the bag and the wallet just as my expectation!! The so simple and comfortable to use. The faux leather is so soft yet thick! I love it.

I really like these photo session, honestly it's not me. I mean I am a bit darker than cute. However, this was so much fun. We choose what we comfort with but we just can't close our eyes for what happening in front of us, right?

To get more details about the product, you can see by clink the link below :

Unbranded Red Turtle Neck
Secondhand dress from Karuizawa (I don't really familiar but it's cute and super cheap haha)
Red shoes by Yongki Komaladi by Zalora

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

"If you think you're having a hard time, but are still able to laugh, that means you can still keep going"


PS : FYI, the weather when I took this photos is sunny super HOT! I was in open SAUNA!! hahaha

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  1. it's always good to change up your look, you look really cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Such a lovely, dainty style, cute teddy!

    The Flower Duet

  3. Lovely dresses
    You look so cute.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know if you follow me.
    I will follow you back after it.

  4. lovely vintage look, pretty.


  5. great post :) have a nice weekend!

  6. Awws so cute photos!! <3

  7. so cuteeee!! love your dress :)

  8. Lovely pictures, look gorgeous! ♥



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