We live in Time

Hi All,

Have in in time~ How's your life? How's you enjoy your time? Is it fully good?

Talking about time, I just wandering what have I done for life? Am I live well? It's quite take time to think, to say, and to write in here. Well, something come up in my daily life lately.
Life is so harsh, so many stories have been written for each person. Why so tempted to put in a such a drama?
If you're a drama queen so let it be, don't drag others in your drama for your own good. Nowadays, in this competitive life people tend to stab from behind even it's their friends. There are some people who love drama a lot. Who live so fake, who live to take advantages from others, or who live innocently while full of sin. I don't give it a shit for such drama, so I don't want to get involved. Why so keen for dragging me in? Being an ally is to protect your alliance save so they'll make sure you're save as well. To keep your ally's darkest secret so they'll keep yours. If can't, don't call them friends and keep it in your drama.
I can't following this anymore, I can't waste my precious time to be stacked in such drama. Time go so fast and I can't let bad impact influence my imperfect life. I am not perfect and I never be. I am not a good person but I won't stab others from behind. I am not a saint but I won't bad mouthing my own ally for my own good. I think the reason is just enough.
Time is precious, once it's gone leaving you you will know how come you wasting it. Time is never be back, so have in time on everything.

Speaking about time, I got invited to a launch of premium watch from Sophie Paris at Aston Kuningan Suites. The timing is so good I think with nice weather not hot neither rain! perfect! the not good one is I forgot bring along my lil Pentax! GREAT!!! So please be patience with the bad result photo will you?
Aston Kuningan Suites is so comfortable. In my opinion it's more feel like homey hotel of Apartment hotel circumstances!

On the Pastis restaurant, the long table displayed the premium watch inside and outside the aquarium which filled by water. YES it is FILLEd by water! Amazing.

I think the concept is really fantastic. Sophie launch the 3 premium collections for Ladies under Son Altesse Sophie (SAS) line and 3 premium collections A.L.I.V.E for Gents. It has casual type for casual and sporty style lovers and also classic elegant style too. It has Quartz Movement from Japan that waterproof ability till 50 meters (5 ATM)

Sophie also offer to took some crazy style photo in front of their Wall of  Fame and then upload it on Instagram XDD I was so excited. Why? because 2 of the best photos will get 2 premium watch collection from Sophie!! I do hope a lot!! Why should I don't?

I am so happy to have chance to attend this kind of event. I hope I could attend more and more event like this. Why? My time is going and I want to fill my time with such a wonderful experience and lessons.

Coat By Choies
Black Shirt by Mango
Pants by Berrybenka
Shoes by Yongki Komaladi
Bag by Sophie Paris

"If you think you're having a hard time, but are still able to laugh, that means you can still keep going"


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  1. me too, i allways want to better my life. nice post
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  2. Amazing watches - I love the golden one!
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. This is beautiful ;u; Thank you for sharing this!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  4. Me too, I just have been stabbed by my close friend recently.. How could we experienced similar thing in same time? It's so weird right? hehehe.. :P
    I feel you sis.. B)
    Nice writing by the way.. Keep posting.. :*

    1. Heheheh I think everybody ever experienced it
      but I hope only once in lifetime ^^
      Thank you^^

  5. Show de imagens amei os relogio são maravilhosos, blog
    lindo amei sucesso seguindo

    1. ^_^ Thank you for reading and comment

  6. WOW! Love your post...





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