Greeny Denim Me

Finally going home!!! YES!! HAPPY!!

I think I can't post today blog too long because I want to enjoy my time as long as I could, no want to miss any seconds here hehe~

Well I want to share about my OOTD at airport is accompanied by Dresslink. & Gowigasa As usual comment I always love Dresslink & Gowigasa products. It really fulfill what I need on any occasion. My choice today is this green tartan tshirt from Gowigasa and denim vest from Dresslink. So comfortable and feeling great on my skin. The tshirt length and size is really fit and look good to my petite body. I think I will love it and will wear it over and over again.
Moreover, this denim vest is sooo cool >_<. With ripped style I feel so grungy~

Please ignored my sleepy face hahaha I arrive at the airport on 2 am -_- no mood to put makeup or anything. Thanks my mood I still want to dress well at the airport hahaha.

Happy Ied Mubarak All
May we re-born as new better human being.

Tartan green tshirt dress by Gowigasa
Denim vest by Dresslink

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

"If you think you're having a hard time, but are still able to laugh, that means you can still keep going"


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