Finally touchdown to home sweet home.
Can’t write much but home is a best place ever!!! Can’t be replaced! I miss this memory and also my sanctuary~
I might be hiatus for some days ahead due to me and my family will come to my grands home. So I will treasure the time as much as I could.

I took this photo once I got home. I took it before me and family go to grands home.
This outfit is really look good for going village journey. I mean I am going to my village and the situation just feeling good with vintage vintage.

This stripes midi dress I got from Choies. Honestly it super comfortable. The material is so smooth and really look good in my petite body.

This photo is taken by my Sis and it is in her room hahahaha. Thankies it still has good finishing XDD.

Being here surrounding with your family is something you can't replace. It always make me forget all the problems that I had. It is more like a healing time for me.

Here you can check the dress HERE to find out the details.

Stripes dress by Choies

See you in next post, just wait^^ 
Thanks who read this or not and all of you

"if you think you're a having a hard time, but are still able to laugh, that means you can still keep going"


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