One Day Holiday, eeerr not, It's working

Normally vacation need more than 2 days, unlucky me I still can't get that luxury time yet!! However, 2 days ago, I need to go to Bandung to some some market survey (work stuff) with my colleague, and a Japanese sense and style expert. He is an pure artist for me, he can now what the best stuff fit to others, what best stuff will be hit, and what the best word to describe people and situation. Admirable.

We visit many trend place with many great design and style there. Here you can some photos I share. Not the best shoot but I hope it clear enough.

 The pictures above is from Tjendana Bistro in Bandung. It serve Indonesia food with good and cozy place to have family gathering, birthday party, any ceremony, even wedding.


These photos above are in Rumah Mode Bandung. It's a factory outlet, and one of the most famous place for shopping in Bandung. This place is a set of some kind of nice stops to enjoy, beside Rumah mode to shop, it's also have coffee shop place to eat, park to sit while watching the nice area because it's really has a great concept place.

This photo courtesy by

Photos above are in Paris Van Java, on of the hippest shopping mall in Bandung. The best point of this place I think the concept is not a mall but invite you to feel the Paris street in Bandung.
Day's n smoothie shop in Paris Van Java. Look at their Shop here and their Instagram too. I have my camera strap here and once I visit the shop directly I got too excited with all the vintage taste >_<

 This photos is in Pizzalogy. Cafe in Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk). The concep is also not a mall but street concept.

I found this bench in one of consumer (my company products) house. So unique, useful, creative, and nice recycling concept. Love it!

Well, although it was my one day trip only and most of them was for work, I was having fun in different way. Works is not always fun as well as market survey but take an positive experience is precious.

Thanks who read this or not and all of you
"if you think you're a having a hard time, but are still able to laugh, that means you can still keep going"

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  1. A lot of interesting details!!!
    Happy friday hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. Great photos! lovely place :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  3. Hello! Beautiful place tio visit.
    *new follower in the blog

  4. Lovely pics! You look adorable and I'd like to visit that Pizzalogy Cafe! :)

    1. Thank you xoxo
      come then hehe I'll be happy to be your guide here~

  5. great post!!!!!

  6. Great post♥

  7. Following you back!
    Keep in touch dear,

  8. Nice photos! xx

  9. Photographs are themselves explaining that how much fun you had that day. Anyway, I am looking for little good recommendation on NYC venues. Please suggest me something that is not much expensive. Thanks for the help.



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