Above the Sky

The sky have 7 seven layers.
That is why in my country we familiar with words "above the sky there is still another sky"

Why we should judge others? are we better than them? are we know their past? are we know what they feel? the answer is NO. We all do mistakes, we all do stupid things in life. As long as we take a lesson from that and commit to not so silly to repeat it. This is my baseline why I still forgive and give someone another chances and chances..I know basically people was born in a good human being form. Unless you are not killing or torturing or cause people misfortune people for fun, you're still a good people.

Along with the popularity of Social Media, we will face many many many things that others post. You can find wise quotes, happiness, show off, sadness, depression, etc. Maybe some of people will see it as lack of attention people or motivator or sarcasm, many things. I tend to refrain myself to not do that kind of thing and choose to tell all my problems to some my close friends. I will not feel alone. I trust them event "trust" word is kind of polemic word to me nowadays.

However, I found interested cases. If some people tell their friend their deepest story means they trust them. Because they believe you're one of the wiser people they ever known. A friend can share many motivation story they know, quotes or teasing word to motivate but not make the story become idea story to tell others or judgement. I don't think it's good. After that they will judge from the story you tell them in your and their social media otherwise they don't even know what exactly it is neither you. Whether they want post something good, silly, pathetic, it is NONE of your business or not cause you harm or less your luck or money or unfortunate your life.

People free post anything and others will judge. However, lets rethink, how about if we judged our friend who we know for a long time and they share us their story and after that we judged them by post it on our social media and we exactly KNOW they can READ it. Awful! Who are we to judge?

Remember "above the sky there is still another sky"

You post something wise doesn't make your wise person
You post something good doesn't make you happy person
You post something bad doesn't make you criminal
You post something sad doesn't make you pathetic
You post about pray doesn't make you a holy
BUT if you post something cruel, violating others, cause others misfortune, and you know it will cause mass commotion and you know it consciously, you are stupid.

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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  1. Very cute outfit and ithink you should live thinking your life is wonderful! <3

  2. You look so cute !


  3. aaaw beautyfull <3
    kisses from poland :)

  4. you are sou cute *-*
    I'm a new follower *-*
    xoxo Sandra ^^ Color-S

  5. Beautiful photos with beautiful view;3


  6. What a gorgeous Dress, it suits you very beautiful :)
    i love your Post <3

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Adorable dress :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    Check my new post :



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