Xmas in Hurry come to town

Soon very vey soon, Christmas will come to town. In Indonesia, we called it "Natal". Since early December, all Christma decoration can be seen everywhere, especially in shopping Mall. Christmas tree, Mr. Santa, artifiacial snow (I'm sure I already mentioned that Indoensia is a tropical country). Anyway, although I am not celebrating Christmas, since I'm a Muslim. I always like the glorious decoration. My yearly mission in December is hunting decoration in every big shopping Mall. Maybe later it;s a good idea to share it to you.

Talking about Christmas, having a solemn moment in Christmas eve at the church and with the family, I am pretty sure that moment really the most anticipated moment. On the other hand, Christmas party never be an option, right?

Well, I'd like to share some idea for that moment with Choies . This one of my favorite online shop that always know when and how to pleased its consumer in the right moment. As Christmas is coming to town, of course it would never missed the moment.

Although we can't generalized, but most of Indonesia parent is a conservative type of parents thing. So when there is a family occassion, wearing "too exposed" outfit is a better-don't-you-dare. So, I think if you have this kind of parents, maybe this idea can match to you^^


You can check the direct link here below :

 Have you get your favorites??
So, what are your waiting for? Just Clicked the direct link of the outfit or text to get it more in details.
This is my story, what yours? share with me here
See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT) 

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