Happy New Year 2016!!!
I hope it's not too late, well still January hahaha

What is your resolution? How do you set your resolution?

Honestly I am quite confuse what is the goal really meaning. I mean, does the goal really happen as your plan? How if it doesn't? what will you do? does Oops sounds like I am the Negative person. I never really have specific goal of each new year even tough actually I am not that good of surprise. Again sounds like I am bad lazy sample. No no, it's not what I mean.
I think setting a goal is not a bad idea, of course it's a good idea, even me have the plan. However, I don't really set specific goal on my own each year. What I really want is I do better for anything than last year. Yes I never plan to have A, to get B, to do C, or to achieve D but I have to better for everything I do. It's not really a big plan or result but it's a progress, as professional being and human being.

Well, few things I want to share are in this January I faced some fascinating experience that I never feel.

1. I quit my previous job in cosmetic which I love, to begin in new company, Pharmacy company. It's a big deal really. The job desk also more complicated and I feel awkward until at this very moment. Bit I am still keep trying.
2. 3 days in new company, I went to Solo for a meeting. WOW! I never been invited to a big meeting outside the office before. Such a honour. BTW, I'll share the Solo preview on the next post. Just wait.
3. I am getting engaged!!! YES IT'S A BIG DEAL!!!! hahaha after 8 years! after the love sweet and bitter, after the joy and the sad, and after the happy and the hurt I feel. We're almost there.
4. After quitting the previous office, I do realize how treasure my bond with my old office mates.
5. I meet new people, new sight, new job character, new problem.
6.I am in Cirebon now, writng this blog to you at Grage Hotel & Mall ^^
7. Last but not least, I celebrate my 26th Birthday hahaha. My older sister said that this is my last Birthday as a Single hahahaha

The first month of the 2016 will end soon, so what you've done?? There will be many various things that me and you all face in this year, so? KEEP UP!!! .

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT) 

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  1. Happy belated birthday! have a great year :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
    Kindly read my fashion tips here :

    Thankyou ^o^

  2. baru baca kak mochh.. ciee yang tunangaannn. ditunggguuu undanganyaa.. XD

  3. Nice photos!




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