Solo, glad to meet you

Happy Valentine!

Are you feeling loved today?
Please don't be. Please don't think you are only loved only today. Please make sure it must be everyday.

Right now, on Valentine day, I'm not surrounding with my beloved. YES, I am all alone, writing here to my blog on a train to Cirebon again. Yes yes I'm ALL WORK EVEN ON WEEKEND!!! hahahaha!
Working on my own than business casually or hectic are always been my dream, but I am still quiet far from that. I am still stuck on someone dream company to gain profit to them. Yes, I am complaining. I know that's not good but hey, I am still human too right? I am not an angel who think innocently or delicately or perfectly will face the reality calmly. 
I have to push my mind and soul that NO PAIN NO GAIN until my body and soul meet it's limit. We'll see, may this is the way.

Anyway, on last post, I told you that less than a week I went to Solo to a meeting in my new company. Maybe it had been along time I found a time to write here *lies*

Well, let me tell you don't expect to much because I went to Solo for MEETING mean WORK not a holiday that allow me to hanging around the city.
I think Solo much a like Yogjakarta, the cultural city. When I arrive at Solo it was already night so I can't see around clearly. However, on the next day, another day, the last day, I can see how similar Solo with Yogyakarta. Well Jogja is bigger actually but that's not what I mean =_= it was more the feel.

I stayed on Solo Baru City. This is more like the highend sister of Solo city. While Solo is more cultural, Solo Bari is more high end. People say in Solo said that Solo Baru city where the rich people live. My hotel is right near by the roundbout, the centre of Solo Baru. In this area, there are 5 big statue called Pandawa Lima (the 5 Pandawa). This is made by Wayan Winten, the famour carver from Bali. You can see the picture below. Sorry for the bad quality.

This is only parts of them. Short story about Pandawa Lima, they the five children of Prabu Pandu (Pandu the King). They are Puntodewo who stand in the centre. Werkudoro on east, Nakulo on the south, Arjuno on the west and Sadewo on the north. This symbol recall the identity of the civilization and noble character of the Solo People.

Last but not the least about Solo is how the sky is still blue and super duper wonderful color. I am no joking. Maybe I exaggerated the situation because I am SURE you can't find it in Dusty Gray Jakarta. Here it is, I guarantee it was no filter.

What do you think? Beautiful right? I adore it so so so much~!
 I think this picture lead us to my final writings for now, I'll continue for the next blog about my trip to Pemalang (near by Tegal), yes yes it's a business trip. Little happines I gain from this complaining "I should work on Weekend again" 
Compalaining is bad but not always bad right? You will know how you deserve better and rewards if you are complaining things? Don't you?

Be waiting for my next story

See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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  2. halo salam kenal! Aku Milka Amelia dari grup fB Indonesian Bloggers :D Barusan aja lihat blog kamu dan aku follow, follow blog aku juga yaa, thankyou <3



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