Unperfect Post

Do you know why people tend to choose their modest life with passion than their high professional life ? I'll tell you why.

I love writing I love taking photos with great outfit and now it's a rare activities I could do now because of my work. However, lets face it, I'll still make some time to do what I love. I must do!

So..I write.

It's kind of late to post it because I receive the parcel on my hand last week. Actually I was out of town lately so it's hard to find some times to have a shoot. Even now I am still haven't seeing the new babies yet T^T. So I think it's better to post about my new members of closet first then I promies I'll post the actual shoot to post.

Well, after longing to black skinny pants, finally I got this Black Gold Button Front Skinny Pants from Choies. I really excited finally I found it. Honestly I haven't touch it yet but my sister said it's really has a good fabric on skin, what else I could ask for for a pants?
Black skinny jeans can fit with any other situation of occasions, you can be formal, semi formal, absolutely casual. That's why I like black. 

When I search on  Choies I want a casual simple shirt because I have no more stock of casual shirt. It might be because most of my life I spend in professional career so accidentally my closet full of semi and formal outfit. 

Sometimes I can't find an super comfort casual shirt, lucky me  Choies have a sale and this shirt catch my sight. It's Gray Owl Crop Tee I think I never had a crop tee and now I got one!! 
As I mentioned above, I haven't touch it yet but my sister it also has a good fabric, it's smooth and comfortable on skin.

hmmm I'll prove it on my next post!! I promise!

Check the detail on Choies
about :

See you in next post, just wait and I'll keep my promise.
Thank you who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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