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Valentine Day is already passed.

Now here we come White Day n March come along. Maybe some of you don't really the White Day Celebration. But I believe some country do. Well White Day is still about LOVE, you can say it's Valentine answers event. All about lovely dovey things

So, that's introduction..

Lovely dovey, if you hear this kind of thing, we as woman may have some opinion the most memorable event in lovely dovey things is Married. Right? I do we all agree is a sacred thing. We can't carelessly decide or choose something for wedding preparation. Ladies can be a fussy monster about it hahaha. If you now on process for wedding preparation, I'll share a sites for wedding that may attract your attention and give you great idea, Cocomelody. For over 15 year it has been an expert producing excellent dresses for wedding. Now, it had become an e-commerce bridal platform providing professional online and offline service to bridal designer and shoppers all over the worlds.

It most promote dresses is the backless wedding dress. All the collection are super gorgeous and it keep the white color as the color of wedding, I love the classic. I even have my favorite.

Here my favorite that you may like :

You can check the details by clicking the pictures.

Honestly right now, I also preparing my wedding. I should tell you it's super exhausted. It's not because of the preparation but it's more about you more time to spend of to your wedding while you still have to work and most of all without get a fight with you fiance who also busy. That;s why I feel lucky when I got thislink. It helps. Once I got. I looked up for references. Practical!!!Above is my choices because for a dress, I kind of considering it with my petite body besides the model. It's because some dresses cut will make me look child in Mom gown. So the open back wedding dress fit me the most.

I believe you can see how delicate they sew and manage the dresses to be a gorgeous collection for your most valuable moment.

More about it 

They have promo $20 off for the collections. Don't you think it's good? for me? and for you? When you need time and you difficult to spend you need to a practical way and it give you the way!! So, don't hesitate! see with your partner and get yours!

See you in next post

Thank you who read this or not and all of you


PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

Backless Prom Dresses

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  1. i always believe that there is no ugly wedding dress , and more prettier when a beautiful women wearing it

  2. Is a nice brand:)
    Happy weekend dear,



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