Feel Nostalgic

I think it’s really really a late post. Well late is better than never.

So, 2 months ago, I went to Pemalang for works event. I went there for 4 days. Pemalang actually is not a big place. Pemalang is near by Tegal, it take only about 1.5 hour. It’s small and not famous comparing with Tegal where money run around there quickly.

Well I am not telling you about whole Pemalang, just want to telling you, my short experience between my hotel location to event location. The event took 1 hour to go. We passed many ricefield, river, and mountain. Hmmm.. if I could describe, it more like the picture we draw when we were very young. You know, there were a road between ricefields and there mountain ahead. So beautiful. It’s so heart taker for me. The blue sky and the pines forest stood steadily and neat on the righta dn left side. I fell like I was going back that moment many years ago when I was dreaming living in the enviroment like that. Just like on the storybook I had. Living in the ranch with friendly animal and fairy living in the forest. What a nostalgic memories.

These photos I took by my phone camera while ride on car.

Here check the video I took only for seconds.

Don't you think it's wonderful?
This is hardly even rare you could see in this recent life.
It heals me much in my unhappy work really!

Thanks who read this or not
and all of you

see you in the next post

PS: I don’t run away from anything. I confront everything, no matter what it is.
by : GACKT

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