Simple Dress for Simple Mind

Hi All,

How's life? It had been a long time to not share anything here. I always try or catch the time to get the chance to write but it's more difficult to do than planning it, then here it is no time for blog writing or blog walking. So sad.

On this my precious time to write, I'd like to share something that may useful to you. As I hardly get the time to write recently, I will try to keep in contact or meet my friends. Moreover, friend's party invitations whatever it is, I will try my best to attend it. Because it's such an honor to me to be invited and there is no reason to not attend it unless I can't help it anymore.

Recently, I got invited to my friend's wedding party. Luckily, I have 1 day off. So I decided to attend it event it should be my rest day. However, wedding party is always be difficult to me to choose an outfit. I don't have much maybe around 2 or 3 outfits and guess what? I wore them many times. I want have more but my time not allow me to. =_=

Few days before the day, I found this It called Simple-Dress and I am helped with the Simple-Dress link. It has many collection for dress for any occasion. Such as wedding dress, Prom dress, even Cosplay. YES COSPLAY. I feel WOW! hahahaha. For you who love to Cosplay or Costume parade, this is really a good choice. However, it only provide more in American costume than Japanese. Well, unfortunately because I know most of cosplayers are play in Japanese characters such as Anime, games, musician, etc. Because I myself was a cosplayer. ^_^ When I was young, eeerrrrr....

Generally everybody love shopping, right?
Specifically, women love shopping.
Women need to shop.
Every women looks beautiful in a dress.
Dress for women.

How's you shopping habit?
Are you practical?
Are you details mind?
Are you need to touch the product?

So, for you who just like me who like practical things, one many kinds of dress in one shop is better. In my hectic days, I don't like if I have to buy my needs in many shops. I need to look for the review first and then check the website. Such a waste time. That is why this practical shop help me much.
Because of my habit, it impacts y shopping habit too. Once I found the good shop to stop by, I will loyal (usually except if I found something bad after the check out process).

I think this website is worth to check.

Good news for you, there is A NEW SALE up to 70% OFF!!

This shop is SO IT! no second thought ><b
So are you with me?
Have a look and you'll find the dress that you need.

See you in my next post

Thank you who read this or not and all of you.


PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

Backless Prom Dresses

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