Hi guys,

What is your activity in this daylight?

Well, you know,few weeks ago, I went to Bali for work. On my hectic job, I really happy I have 2 chances going to Bali twice for free. Well the better memory is the second visit tough. Why? I'll tell you why on separate posting ^_^

Well Bali is always being the best. The circumstances, the beach, the culture, anything. You barely see the high rise building but Bali is so modern, exotic, and sophisticated place. As if it never sleep.
Once you see Bali, all you can think is playing on the beach, walking around the city, fooling around the hotel, and shopping. Unfortunately I went there for a job, but for sure I'll make some times to come here again. Holiday for sure.

For that, I will need a lot of things to be prepared. Especially some comfort outfit to wear. It's not like we can't buy them in Bali but it will cost much much money than you expected.
Regarding that, I'd like to recommend the Choies collection that will fit with the beach holiday plan. Choies offer many collection to you to choose. From that, I have my own choices of them ^_^

Since it's leisure beach holiday, I want something light and comfort to wear. I don't want too stuffy or too much color for a beach holiday. Well you know, sunlight has already hot and bright enough, no need too competitive with it. 
You can check the detail of the out fit here:

You can check more and more collections here. It's your outfit one shop shopping. You can your need here.

See you in my next post

Thank you who read this or not and all of you.


PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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