On This May

Hello All..

On this May there are some unexpected or may be expected event happen to me. It's kind of big challenge of me to take some decision in my life. I think everybody will have this kind of moment in life right? It won't only happen yesterday or now, it surely will happen in the future as well.

First of all.

My temporary adventure will end soon shortly, yes shortly. I am not taking more time to continue this roadshow trip for work. Some of people may think it’s such a waste of me to take that decision but some of them agree. I don’t think its’ such a waste. Surely I lost my chance to travelling all over Java and Bali for free however it’s not the only way I have, right?

There will be consequences for  every decision we have, we make, and we take. There is no guarantee it’s a good decision or bad. Because there is no bad decision after all. It’s just the consequences. We say it’s good because we take more positive consequences, it’s become bad when we can’t learn from the consequences. That’s all.

So, I quit my job. I quit this life roadshow.

Reason? There is always a reason beyond decision.

I choose my life to be balance. If it’s not I have to choose one of two. So I choose my private and future life first before my  professional career path.

As I ever mentioned, I will get marry soonest, which I need my weekend to prepare anything of it. However, my job push my time even weekend for work on trip and I can’t arrange my time to others. If I don’t have to work on weekend I think everything will be easier, right? If you were me, what will you choose first, your jobs or your marry preparations. Tell me. I also don't think after wedding and in marriage life it will be more easier if I still have this job anyway.

There again, life is about choice. Your choices lead you to your future.

Actually, the real challenge start from now, because I am now in way to find new job that will fit to my time and passion as most people dream of. I still need financial to live on right? hahaha. But when the time come I am sure I am happily to walk on it moving on.

Amusingly, when I was still for this roadshow, I missed so many invitation for fashion or beauty event. And because of it, maybe some of sponsors will not choose me to collaborate further due to lack of time of me. However, after this big decision, of course I can attend the events and I have plenty time to write. Lets think these are positive side.

Here I am back to photo shoots and back to things I love.

Actually I quite long have this white sweater, finally 'I can share this with you. Sweater is not a really common outfit to wear in my country, Indonesia. It's hot and sweater will make it worse. However, when rainy season come, the weather is quite different actually. It's become colder that the hot sunny day of course. So this sweater things will do. As for me, I love sweater and knitwear. I have some of them and I always happy if the season is kind of cooler or colder hehehe as long as the rain is not causing any flood then it's okay if it's rain.

The sweater I got from Vintagehouse_id this is an instagrammer onlineshop actually. They have plenty kind of collections with afffordable and reasonable price of course.

This white color, when come to mix and match it can be be friend with anything. This 2 different photos was taken in different times and I love it. Until now, I still have not enough to mix and match this sweater. I ever wear it with my blue denim, short, blazer, color cardigan, skirt. ( I should have post them tough T^T). I think it's really nice item to have.

You can check more and more collections here. It's your outfit one shop shopping. You can your need here.

For sweater Vintagehouse_id
Additional for Grey pants (unbranded)
Black pants Colorbox

See you in my next post

Thank you who read this or not and all of you.


PS : I can accept defeat in a battle I chose to fight. But I hate to accept in a battle I wasn't even allowed to fight or tried to fight. I'd rather die fighting by GACKT (ACTION 13 - GACKTIONARY)

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