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When was my latest post? Hmmm I don’t really remember, maybe last week or last two weeks  ago. Well just the same with the last time, it’s kind of late post but again better late than never. So I want to tell my story when in Bandung  job. It’s not much story, it’s more about the time when I went to Geology Museum in Bandung. I always admire Museum while some people think it’s a boring place to visit. Well, you will know your past history in Museum in more attractive way than reading a book, doesn’t it?

So, I went to Geology Museum near by Lapangan Gasibu (Gasibu Field) and Taman Lansia (Oldiest Park) for killing time while waiting for my friend schedule that day. I was wondering to wait my friend at my guest house (where I lived in Bandung) or in a fancy or vintage coffee shop but I think it was just a waste. There are many fancy place in Jakarta, why should I visit that mainstream place when in Bandung? So I decided to visited museum.

This museum is more like the Museum in a “Night at the Museum” movie, it showed our history in ancient civilation. It even hold an event “Night at the Museum” visit. What an exciting idea. That day the museum was so crowded. There was some school visits form some areas. Museum managers need to arrange by queue. However, it wasn’t applied to general visitors like me.

Entering the door, I met this giant skeleton of T-rex. Don't you think it will be more fun at night?^^

There are two doors on the left side and the right side. The right side is telling us about the first species lived in out earth. So there are many fossilized skeletons here.

  The left side is telling us about stones in ages. By seeing these I knew that we have so many beautiful stones and jewelry from it.

On second floor, you will see the history of man. Meaning our ancentors  from this mainland and the other new comer for yeaarrrrrsssss ago and also their civilization. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the seconds floor. My phone gone off T^T

Well, by the end of my post to you I would like to say, our country is so great not was great. Because history can be our motivation to learn to not repeat the bad things and to repeat and increasing the good things. As if Ir. Soekarno said "JAS MERAH" "Jangan Melupakan Sejarah" "Never Forget the History".

This is the end today's post
Thank you for reading or not
And all of you

See you on the next post


PS : You can love other countries because you love your own country from the bottom of your heart. If you don't know your own culture, you couldn't deliver that to other countries, right? Could someone who doesn't value his own family be kind to others' people families.

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