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Happy Ied Mubarak!

I know it's kind of late but better be late than never. This year, Ied Mubarak has really different circumstance and emotional. I also kind of busy for following the flow. After 2 weeks I can't in touch with my computer, finally here I am. Now, I am back to Jakarta after 2 weeks Ied Mubarak holiday in my hometown. I am back with brand new feeling. Yes, I am starting new life since this 8th July. I'll tell you more about this next, I bet you have some clues.

Well, along with Ied Mubarak holiday, this month also the preparation of new semester. I don't know your country but my county. New semester or graduation is always a special moment. Especially for high school. In high school we changed class and classmate each year based on on our ranked and each year we held of course we had a Prom. Who doesn't?

I remembered at that time I don't really understand about mix and matched but I love fashion design but still it didn't help me much. I was kind of difficult to search the outfit. Magazine was not hel that much too and internet was not as fast as innovative as informative as today. Now, is easier.

So for you will had a prom soon, I have a recommend website to give you soooooooo many choices and kinds of prom dress in every theme. It is named StyleWe.
It is a online shopping platform taht featuring with independent fashion designer. I searched so many collection on it. The one attract me the most is the prom dress collections! It is so many and always update. The collection has so many variations and elegant as your favor.

Well, let me show you my favor.

You can check the link here :

I wish I found this kind of website that time, so I would be as stunning as I imagined and not wasting so much time to think what dress will be best to wear to prom.

I hope it can help much of you to face the prom. have a great night!! and.,..
last not the least, prom is about date, right? make sure you make your date amazed of you the night and now on. GOOD LUCK!

See you in next post

Thank you who read this or not and all of you


PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

Backless Prom Dresses

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