Road To Wedding: Thousands faces

We live since we’re born into this world until now. We face many situation and condition. These experiences allow us to learn many emotions. These emotions reflected on our expression. How about poker face? No no this kind of people are just too good to hide it. I believe they have side when they are tired to hide everything and become a normal human being.
We all have many faces meaning all expression of emotions. It grows as we grow. There are normal faces and general faces and also there are special faces that only will be shown to special people. This is what I think. Having a road of romantic-caring relationship with someone other than my family or friend is a bless. It is when you have special feeling for just a stranger. For me, I learn bless face.

 I have quite circle friend that I can crazy off to, I show my playful and dorky face only to them. When I can show it to a romantic stranger. This is new.

When do you feel you are a smart girl? For me when I know something good that people around me don’t know. Or will know when I told them. On this case, I learn about his world. I learn about his characters. It’s kind of feeling I know his expression and emotion only by the faces. Although he says he is a poker but nope! I know! I know his changes behavior, I know when he is hiding things behind my back, even I know he is lying to me.

 After all this faces I learn, everything about him make me curious. What he is thinking, what he do when I am not around,  hmmmmm….curious

This thing I learn and quite shock me when I learn jealous. I never get jealous before. With him I feel it. I never feel broken heart before, thanks to him I feel it.This is happen when you feel insecure and danger is coming. You feel you own something and seem it will taken away. OR you think something fishy will happen.

I learn how hurt is. This is really different sad feeling. He hurt me, I hurt him. Yes we both are. But this is a fact and a problem, he hurt me deeply more than I can imagine. I learnt broken and betrayed.

Numb for exact. All I feel is hurt and hate. Regret to forgive, regret to reset, and regret to start over. I think he doesn’t deserve it. Yet, he is not perfect as I am. More or less there is my contribution on it. However, it is not my fault this is happen! We all grow as an adult, we can think because we have adult brain. We decide anything consciously. It’s not our place to blame others for the doom we make. Meaning you are still a kid.

So, from all the faces we have learnt, will we regret it at all? No. We should not. We take them as a life lesson. It is good to learn from self-experience to not making the same mistake but it is a genius of us to not do these bad things from other experiences.
What happen to me next? I’ll tell you later.
How about you? Are you face the same life lesson? Share it with me here ^^

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important"
-Antoine de Saint Exupery-

Thank who read this or not
and all of you


See you in the next post

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  1. Great photos. I think it's okay to get jealous sometimes. Personally, I'm not the jealous type. This may or may not be a good thing lol.

    xo Azu

    1. thank you^^
      jealous is a human being dear, it's okay sometimes.

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  3. Lovely pics, you are so beautiful!
    I'm not really jealous... but sometime, YES!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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    1. thank you dear^^
      jealous is a human being dear, it's okay sometimes hahaha.

  4. Nice photos!



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