Road to Wedding : The Party & The Vow


I promise this is the last post about wedding euphoria. It's already 1 month run and I need to stop or you will stop ready my blog.
The many wedding tradition on all over the world. Especially in Indonesia which have so many unique cultures in each areas. Even one area have different traditions.

My hometown ethnic called Minang or generally called Minangnese. However, in Minang culture there are different ethnics and traditions for a wedding at least there are 8 processions. You can check more details about the procession here. The link will help to you to imagine how complicated Minang have for a wedding.

Normally, we have red or black color for wedding the outfit but, nowadays, people are getting bored with this 2 colors. So I choose the unusual color. The WO has to make this color just for me *meh* and some of WO's clients after me has waited this outfit too for their receptions. My chosen kind of waiting list *proud*

A marriage is not only about the party. The main point of the marriage is the vow. Right? So the day before the party, there is the most important and sacred procession. The Vow.
Unlike the party that we have the outfit rented from the WO, as for the Akad (vow) we make it. This one outfit that we want to be special and make us a princess for a day.

I want the outfit can be reused for anyone or any other sacred occasion in the future. So I don't want to become too excessive. The inspiration of the my dress design is from Korean wedding Hanbok. Well, it's not like I am crazy of Kpop but Hanbok can be usable than Kimono. I made the inner dress fabric from "Songket" and lace for the bolero outer. It is more like a tradition fabric *read:musttowear* and green is my chosen color (no special reason).

How do you think?

The face skin treatment was handled by my Cousin who have her own business of Nu Skin treatment. While the makeup handled by my Sister. Last but not least the hairstyle and also the henna on my hand was handled by my Aunty. Almost all the preparation of me for the that big day was handled by my closest family. I just more relax if they do me than WO's salon. Well, almost (doesn't mean none but costly) of WO's salon do the Bride makeup with super thick and tacky makeup. It's hardly to recognize who the Bride is, really.

Meet the crews.

Sister IG : @dyne_osaurs
Cousin IG : @puji.kurnia

So this is my story, how about you? share with me here. Thank who read this or not and all of you. XOXOXOXOXO

See you in the next post.....................

PS : This is what I think. You can't have everything at once. Like the pockets in your clothes. There is a limit to how much we can have at once. There are times when you put something on your pocket, you have to throw something else away. You have to prioritize those decisions by yourself. There are things that you can't get back once you've thrown them away. (GACKT)

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  1. You look so beautiful, dear. And thanks for sharing this wedding tradition.
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  2. Amazing wedding pics and you look so beautiful, congrats!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. Love your skirt!!!
    Have a great day dear,

  4. pretty bride
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  5. I held an event here, and it couldn't have gone any smoother. An infinite list of food items were there. The staff and manager from NYC wedding venues were excellent. As an event coordinator, they made my job extremely easy.



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