Road to Wedding : The Pre Wedding

Do you have a wedding dream?
What is your wedding dream?

If you ask me, I don't exactly don't know what my wedding dream is. Maybe I don't have one. Or maybe there is. Well you know, small party with closest family and friends is all more than enough. But since I was born in Indonesia specifically in Minang culture (West Sumatera), small modest party is a big no. Small home party with 200 invitations and music stage is a minimal, really.

But since I love taking photos I do want to or insist to have a Pre Wedding photoshoot. So, in wedding preparations, I do a lot of of stuff, this and that. I couldn't tell the details because it will be too hassle because 1 post won't be enough.

The Pre wedding photo actually almost cancelled due to lack of time. I had super busy job that time, I hardly take some day off. But thank GOD to lead me the way. Finally we got it. With some help of my friend as Photographer (visit her instagram @givefromgod) and other friends to help to find the low cost (called free charge) good place to take. Finally we can follow up the plan.

The place is called Green Lake City. It is a housing property in West Jakarta. It has many clusters which is named with countries regions. So I took it in South Est Asia and East Europe Cluster.

The Pre wedding process is kind of hectic and crazy but I enjoy the process. I barely say that we didn't fight that time. Well we did even when one of these photo took hahaha. It wasn't a perfect process but it was worth to face.

Photo taken by @givefromgod (instagram)
Kimono by Kiyora Kimono Rental & Kitsuke Assistance Service (facebook)

So this is my story, how about you? share with me here.
Thank who read this or not
and all of you


See you in the next post

PS : This is what I think. You can't have everything at once. Like the pockets in your clothes. There is a limit to how much we can have at once. There are times when you put something on your pocket, you have to throw something else away. You have to prioritize those decisions by yourself. There are things that you can't get back once you've thrown them away. (GACKT)

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  1. Amazing wedding dream, everything is perfect!!!
    I love these pics!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  2. very beautiful photos

  3. I love this photos :) I have a little diffrent weeding dream :)

  4. Fantastic photos

  5. Cool pre wedding!

  6. nice pre wedding shoot

  7. Very nice photos! :)

  8. Good to know about this information on pre-wedding. I am looking for exquisite wedding venues for arranging my best friend’s wedding and searched online. Got to know about some awesome venues and looking forward to book perfect venue soon.



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