Singing In The Rain

Singing in the rain
the silent raining sounds stimulates my feelings
humming along the street, i think about you
Ah~ in brilliant colours,
i swing my umbrella in the street that i always walk in
And as usual i return with heaps of questions

Suddenly, i stop to look up to the sky above
drop by drop, the rain glitters

always raining in my heart,
i'm embraced gently in the rain that you love
the wonderful song is still playing till now
I'm just singing in the rain... with you 
(parts of Singing in the rain by Larc En Ciel)

I often listen this song in my college days. I know this old song from my husband before we became a lover. He said that he loves this song. I listened the song for the first time. This song has a very cheerful rhythm, made me think that this song was a happy song about the rain. I looked for the English translation to get a better understanding. It’s not as cheerful as it is. Indeed this song about the rain makes someone remember his beloved one who loved the rain so much. Beyond that, the lover is no longer with him anymore. He just embraced the memories of her through the rain.
The rainy season is coming, I remember this song and listen it. I remember those memories. Like a time turner. The memories bring me back years ago. When I met a man and he introduced me to this song. It tickles me now how he is sleeping beside me every night. It was years ago but this song will always spinning in my head.

In my childhood time, I remembered my old childhood’s home. I just sat on my bed looking for the rain by the window or sat on the couch watching TV while waiting for my Mom’s cooked. My favorite rainy time was in the afternoon around 3 pm to nightfall. This was the best time to watch the rain. My favorite meal was Mom’s chicken soup. Great, now I want to eat that!!

When it comes to be rainy, what is your favorite song? Don’t you think “that song” warm you?  Don’t you think it’s a dreamy to wear warm clothes, on the lazy couch, drinking hot coffee (tea for me) and cookies while listen “that song”?

All photos by Amos Anugrah
Instagram : @amozyaudrey

This is my story, how about you?
See you in next post, just wait^^ Thank who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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  1. I love the rain, it makes me think of warm coffee and watching movies :) xx

  2. Looove this outfit! You look so cute out there in the rain. Adorable.

  3. great post dear :)

  4. I love these photos and your outfit :-)
    I have no beloved song for a rainy day, but I like to watch bollywood movies in autumn :)

    1. Thank you^^
      I used to watch Bollywood lots! such as Kuch2 hota hai, Muscje dosti karoge, etc haha

  5. Awesome jacket! :D U're so pretty!
    Great blog! I'm following you! Follow back? <3

  6. Wonderful Post! Great Work :)

    lovely Greetings

  7. Thanks so much for the comment on my latest post
    it means so much to be and Iwanted to say THANK YOU in a more personal way.
    you are amazing.

    with love your AMELY ROSE



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