Confident means Glamorous Perfumed

Happy New Year~
Let us in this new year become new start also in our life.

January is always become so important month, right? The beginning month of the year, the month when we list our target, and also it’s my birthday. YAY!!! I’m getting YOUNG!! HAHAHAHAHA~! I’ll about my birthday in the different post.

On this post, I will tell you more about my daily activities. It’s already a month new life in new office. This position allow me to stay fit and stay confident all the time. What a ready to action job. On contrary with my position, it’s impossible to go anywhere by motorbike, right? What a nightmare threat pollution to your skin, hair, and smell. Moreover, you’re going to the office? Corporate meeting?? Oh my God! Mostly, ladies would choose to go by car or taxi, but I can’t really do that everyday. It costly.

Are you also face the same condition with me? Here it is my tips :
1.      @Wear a hair cap before you put on the hamlet. It keeps your hair save from the smelly hemlet.
2.     @ Use a hair perfume when you arrive at the office for a better feeling.
3.      @Wear a mask, long mask till the neck is best! It keeps your face and neck save from the UV.
4.      @ Vitalis! Yes Vitalis! Keep your body scent save from smelly pollution such as smoke.

Maybe most of you will repeatedly ask me, Why Vitalis? Here let me tell you more….Before ago, I didn’t wear any perfume before arriving at the office, because I think I could just wear it when arrive at the office. Yes, it helps! However, if you live at my city you can’t predict the street condition. It can be smooth without any problem or traffic jam, almost all the time. I can’t gambling, once I try I have a late coming to attend a sudden meeting so I forgot to put my perfume. I am not smelly, no, but I am not confident because of the pollution anywhere. NOT AGAIN! Finally I get Vitalis! So I can spray it before going to work and I am save, whether there is a sudden meeting or not. Vitalis gives me glamour, fresh, confident feeling anywhere and anytime I go. Love it. I get 3 variant and all of them are Aerosol Body Spray type.

1.    @RED, Fantasy. Mix of flower powdery. It’s soft yet glamour scent. It’s my favorite like Vitalis know exactly I always love the fantasy things. I always spray it every day after shower.
2.    @BLUE, Dream. Mis of orange, flower, and Musky. It’s stronger than Fantasy. I spray it before go to work. Safely dreamy scent to start a day. It makes me Fresh confident!
3.    @PURPLE, Sheer. Mis of Fruity, Floral, and woody. I stronger than Dream. Fit to a party, enhance your elegance and beauty. I wear it for night party. Feeling beauty and elegant!

Vitalis really make me get feeling glamorous and receive admiration. Why? Because I am confident and ready to make a day. For further info and others product, why don't you check it on and you will find many magical scent here.

Be Confident~


This is my story, how about you?
See you in next post, just wait^^ 
Thank who read this or not and all of you

PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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