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Millybridal Prom Dresses

Just heard good news from my friend..that now she is preparing her wedding ceremony. I am so excited to hear that. I am happy for her since I know her love journey and thanks God that now she is finding the right man for here and hope he always be.
Hearing this news, I am right away looking for some dress that might can be her inspiration and choices. Choosing a perfect dress for wedding could be a great moment. I tell her I have some references and I give her MillyBridal UK. It’s a good choice online shopping for dress that together with talented designers offer best dress shapes, necklines, and trains to you. Practical isn’t it?
I bet my friend so excited to know it.
They have 2 kinds of dress, Long Prom Dress and Short Prom Dress.
Don’t worry about the prom words, as you know dress is almost the same, event 1 dress for some occasion is the best right?
I have my favorite for Long Dress

My friend has petite body (short height) as I am, so I recommend her some dress that can’t let her sink hahahaha so they are just so perfect.
And my favorite for the Short Dress

How do you thing? They are so gorgeous right?
Can’t wait to see her soon.
This is my story, how about you?
See you in the next post, just wait^^
Thank you who read this or not and all of you
PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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