Season Changes

New season comes, by cold season and welcome warmer....Spring! Love season!! ever heard that? Changes will always be things that we face in our life, can be physical, mental, environment, or any others.  As for me, in 2017 I have faced some changes of my life, and maybe more for the next months ahead. Physically, I am fatter hahahah after 6 months marriage I feel I gain a lot, 7-8 kg? I can't wear all my old pants hehehe need new pants or need arrange diet schedule. Mentally, I am too lazy to work out or reduce my meals. How can I be? My husband forbid me for "not eating" by always saying "lets go get tasty food" hard to turn it down, right? tasty food?

I also find some change by the way of thinking. Now I am more calculative, especially for life spending. I used to spend lots my salary for shopping every month but now I need to rethinks hundreds times. 

I got new friends too! Well I still working on it in new office. Again I work on Japanese company. I try to fit in with the new environment without change who I am, hoping they accept me as I am. New place new culture but don't forget who we are because it's not all about fitting in. I believe if we show who we truly are, whoever they are, they will accept us. If they can't accept you, meaning they are not 'them'.

There is new and there is always old friends, or long time friend for exact. Sometimes friendship can be fragile. You know, easily broken by small things you call trust or principle.

Well, I do feel it both. Lately I have this issue. Principle, you can see it by their social media post then you will know. Sometimes it against yours. Trust. I think as a friend we need to help our friend if they need it. I lent a thing to a friend of mine , now I need it back because it's one of my favorites. However, it never been on my hand back until now since last year it was loaned. Too many excuses that I received every single time I asked. If it lost, just honestly tell me and pay me back, I don't need any reasons at all. I asked many times and now I give it up to ask to have it returned back. Too tired and just not make sense that I AM the one who begging to bring it back. Cmon!

New place to stay. After marriage, finally we found it. Not a big place but enough for two. I like this new Apartment. Near by the sea but also I can still see the light of the city at night. I like both and I get both!

Unfortunately, because of some reasons this year we need to find a new place. I hope we find a better place and near by my office so I can just walk to work.

Another one, lately I become like to have more midi skirt and midi dress, especially classic vintage one. Uggggh they are so tempting. I want them. I am starting to sell some of my clothes that rarely I wear and the money will be used for the new skirt and dress YAY! wish me luck lads!!

Last but not the least, seems my family give us pressure to have a baby. It's not like we don't want to but God haven't answers our prey yet. Just it.

Inner Shirt by Comme Des Garcon Play 
Outer Red Knitting Sweater by GOWIGASA
Skirt from thrift store
Shoes by Berrybenka

This is my story, how about you?
See you in the next post, just wait^^
Thank you who read this or not and all of you
PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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