Time goes by but Style

Has spring already coming?

Breeze and flowers would be the sign of it. The colourful of flowers to see, the warmy sunlight to enjoy, and the cool breezy wind blowing the skirt naughtily. I think we agree that spring is the time for being skirt mood.

Talking about skirt, not long ago I found a skirt in a flea market with super affordable price. It’s around $4. I think the skirt didn't catch much attention from the people there. It’s kind of rusty and looks very old piece. However, it just catches mine. It looks like grandma flare skirt with old fashioned color brown. So cute.

However, maybe it just my disease that every time I bought something new (old) from flea market, I used to not wear it immediately. Why because, if you buy some cloths from it you must to do some treatment before you wear it and lazy always struck me inside. Until by time I unload my closet to seek something to wear, I found them laying there in the plastic bag.

Here I share to you my special treatment after shopping at Flea Market. Please note, I think it’s also applied to preloved clothing you buy at online shopping.

  • Pay the cloths treasures! You don’t to be end at the jail before you ever wear that treasure.
  • Soak the cloth in the warm water all night.
  • If the cloths have any stain you put baking soda on it.
  • Don’t forget to wash them by antiseptic liquid for clothing to make sure all the bacteria died.
  • I recommend to hand washed it. so you can make sure everything is clean.
  • After it done, dry sunbath, and ironing.
  • Voila! Ready to rock on the vintage things.

These 7 steps are a necessary unless you want your skin assets is itchy because of skin deceases. No thank you! However, shopping at flea market never tired me off. So much much fun! You can find some brand cloth with super affordable price!! Happy Flea Time!

This is my story, how about you?
See you in the next post, just wait^^
Thank you who read this or not and all of you
PS : I want to live by thinking that my life is wonderful (GACKT)

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